Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare allows you to quickly and easily compare your files and folders on Windows, Mac and Linux. It provides users with extensive side-by-side file comparison and management.

Beyond Compare for Windows home screen

Beyond Compare makes it possible to easily possess hundreds or thousands of files and folders, and keep track of all of them and see changes in minute details. You’ll be able to find duplicate files in folders, quickly find additional ones, and assess which ones to keep.

Software developers will find it very useful as it can detect differences between codes and track changes made to certain files. It becomes much easier for developers to check which version of the source code to retain and which to discard.

To compare files or folder, just drag the files and folders onto Beyond Compare’s home screen. Once the analysis is done, the two items will be displayed side by side in two panels. Differences will be highlighted in different color. Toolbar buttons at the top of the window let us manage the files and folders, including deleting and moving files, showing differences, editing files, copying files, syncing files and even creating rules for handling and comparing folders.

Download & purchase

Free 30 day trials can be downloaded before you buy and it will be $ 30.00 or $ 60.00 to buy for the Standard or Pro Edition. Download or buy it from its official website here.

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