Black screen on Mac after rotation

Do you want to rotate screen 90 degrees on Mac? Some users may want rotate MacBook screen so they can read some PDF or document easily. To do that go to the Apple menu >> System Preferences, press and hold both control+command key, and click Displays at the same time, the Rotation option will now appear in the display settings screen. You can then turn a Mac display round 90,180 or even 270 degrees.

Is screen rotation on Mac a bad idea?

Screen rotation on Mac could be a bad idea when this feature is not supported by your hardware. And this is probably the reason why Apple don’t show the orientation option in the Display settings. So they do not want users to see, access or change it.

I do NOT recommend this. You do this at your own risk. This can cause serious problems afterwards.

After the screen rotation, my rotated MacBook screen has gone black! When I press on the keyboard, I can hear the sound, but I can’t see anything on the screen. There is no shortcut to rotate screen back to normal on Mac. How can I get into the System Preferences to change the orientation back to standard?

How to get Mac display back to landscape?

I found a related article on Mac World. The author provide us a workaround. Press Shift+Command+Q key combination, press Enter to confirm, this will quite all programs and log out. You will then see the login screen. Log in again using your password, this time you will get a display rotated 90, 180 or 270 degrees on Mac. On my MacBook, I can’t even see the cursor. When I mouse over the dock bar, I see the tips appears so I know the mouse cursor is there. But the same thing is not happening when I hover over the Apple top bar which is now on the left side as my monitor gets sideways. I have to right click for MANY MANY times to show the context menu so I know where the mouse cursor is and move slightly to get closer and closer to the Apple menu and finally select the System Preferences >> Displays, and then change the Rotation setting for my MacBook screen back to Standard.