How to block people on Facebook Messenger for iPhone?

facebook messenger appDo you want to cut off someone in FB Messenger app on iPhone? Sometimes you may receive spams or chat message spams in Messenger, or you just do not want some people to send you any messages any more. If you have this trouble, you can simply kick the Messenger users off from your contact list and stop them from sending you messages in the future. Facebook Messenger app for iPhone has a feature to help stop someone from bothering you. To block users in Messenger app is quite similar to blocking people in Facebook app for iPhone. When you block someone in Messenger, it doesn’t automatically block them on Facebook. However when you block someone in Facebook, it will automatically block them on Messenger. Android phone users can refer to this guide to block someone in Facebook Messenger on Android phones.

Facebook has separated its chat or instant messaging app from itself. Messenger is a very useful app for mobile phone users, you can send free messages on the phone, make free calls using Messenger on your phone, make free video calls using FB Messenger on mobile and there are just many more useful features you can find within this tool.

How to block people on Facebook Messenger for iPhone?

Tap to run Messenger app on your iPhone, switch to the Settings tab from the bottom of this chat app for iOS. You can then find a Privacy Policy on your iPhone screen, see below screenshot.

access facebook messenger privacy policy settings on iphone

Choose the Privacy Policy option from above screen, you will open the Privacy Shortcuts screen in Facebook Messenger on iPhone. Tap on the down arrow besides the “How do I stop someone from bothering me?“, you will than get a jump-down box where you can add a name or email address of the person you like to block. Enter its name or email, you will get a Messenger user list where you can choose to add to your blacklist. This is where you can add someone to your block user list to stop people from bothering you, sending you messages, seeing your posts in your timeline.

block someone in facebook messenger app on iphone

Right under the user search and block section, you can find a Blocked users option. Anyone you blocked can be found there. If you decide to remove someone from your blacklist, you can go there and unblock people in Messenger from there. If you blocked the wrong person and deleted messages or chats from them, you can still get them back using a Messenger recovery software. Please refer to this guide for the details: instructions to recover FB Messenger app chats and messages on iPhone.

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  1. I’m using an iPhone 6 Plus n I cannot unblock a person on messenger every time I go to unblock it automatically switches back to block

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