How to block people in WeChat on iPhone?

Do you ever want to block a person in WeChat on your mobile phone? Sometimes you may be bothered by some person who keeps sending you messages in WeChat, or you are annoyed by the frequent links, photos, videos or texts shared by some contact in his or her Moments, or you just do not want to display your update with certain WeChat contacts. Today we will show you how to do that using WeChat on iPhone. If you are using WeChat for Android or other platforms, you can also refer to below instructions. The process is similar across different mobile OS, although you may see they differ in appearance slightly.

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Before we demonstrate the process of blocking someone on WeChat, we would like to offer some suggestions on how to prevent adding unnecessary contacts on WeChat. This way, you can save yourself the trouble of having to delete or block them later.

How do I prevent someone from adding me on WeChat?

By default, WeChat users can add you to their contact lists using either your WeChat ID or your connected mobile number. To stop others from adding you via WeChat ID or mobile number, run WeChat on your iPhone, switch to the Me tab from the bottom, then select Settings, choose Friends’ Permissions from the Privacy section in Settings. Make sure Require Friend Request is enabled, select Methods for Friending Me, then disable the Mobile Number option under the Find me by section so others can’t find you by your phone number. Here you can also prevent others from adding you through Weixin ID, QQ ID, Group Chat, your QR code or contact card.

wechat privacy settings enable, disable methods for friending me on iphone
Wechat privacy settings – methods for friending me on iphone – weixin version 8.0.42

When someone sends you a friend request in WeChat, you’ll receive a notification, and the request will appear in your chat list or under the “Contacts” tab. Check the user’s profile, if it was someone you don’t like to add as friend in WeChat, ignore or decline the request.

We can receive money in WeChat without adding the payer as a friend first. If you need to pay someone or receive money from someone in WeChat, we can use the Receive Money feature which allow us to send or receive money without adding them as a friend. On the payee’s phone, open WeChat, switch to Me tab, go to Services and then Money. The Use Payment Code displays on your phone screen, here we need to tap on Receive Money below the QR code to switch to the Receive Money QR code. Ask the payer to use his WeChat to scan this code to make payment.

How to block people on WeChat for iPhone?

Open Wechat app on iPhone. Go to the Contacts tab from the bottom of your iPhone screen. Browse to the profile of the person you like to block in WeChat. Once you selected the contact that you want to block, you will see his or her profile in WeChat like below.

block people, contacts in WeChat on iPhone – weixin version 8.0.42

While on the person’s profile displays as shown above, you can find the More menu (button with three dots) on the top right part of your iPhone screen. Tap on it to open the Settings for this specific contact or profile. Now you can view the Profile Settings of the selected contact in WeChat on iPhone. Here you can block the person who is bugging you on WeChat in different ways.

You can turn on Block option to block that person. This will block contact from sending you messages and seeing your Moments updates. When you block an user in WeChat, you will not receive any messages from them and you will not see each other’s Moments updates. And we won’t be able to find those blocked users from the WeChat Contacts. To find out those blocked contacts in WeChat, go to Me > Settings> Friends’ Permissions > Blocked List. Here you can choose to remove someone from the blocked list, delete him, etc.

Blocking vs Deleting someone in WeChat

Deleting and blackening someone in WeChat is different.

You can still send messages to him after deletion, but the other party can't send messages to us, if the other party sends us a message it will prompt the need to send friend verification. After adding someone to blacklist, you can still send messages to him, but the other party can not send messages to us, if the other party sends messages to us, it will prompt: the message has been sent, but the other party rejected.

After deleting a friend, the chat records with him will also disappear. When you blocked people, your chatting history with them will still be kept.

After deletion, the other party cannot be found in your Contacts list in WeChat unless you or he/she adds each other again. When you block certain people, he will be moved to your WeChat's blacklist, and you can re-add the other party as a friend by removing them from the blacklist.

How to hide your posts in WeChat Moments?

There are various ways to hide your posts or sharing in WeChat Moments, you can choose according to your needs and preferences.

1. Hide individual posts in WeChat Moments

Open WeChat > Me > Moments, find the post you want to hide and open to view its details, then tap on the More menu (…) in the upper-right corner, select Set as Private. After that the selected post will only be visible to yourself.

2. Stop certain people from seeing your posts in Moments

If you do not want to prevent someone from sending you messages, what you want to block is only his or her shared links, articles, photos, videos or else in his or her Moments of WeChat, you can simply enable Hide His Posts so you will not see the moments and updates from the selected person. If you don’t want certain people to see your posts or updates in WeChat Moments, simply enable the Hide My Posts feature without adding this contact person to your block list. See more details below.

In WeChat for iPhone, go to the Contacts tab from the bottom, find the contact or person you like to block or hide your Moments updates or posts from or not seeing his updates in Moments, tap to view the profile. Tap on Privacy to set or change the privacy settings for the selected contact.

set privacy settings for specific contacts in WeChat – weixin version 8.0.42
  • Chats Only: Friend cannot see your Moments, Status and WeRun, etc.
  • Hide My Posts: Friend cannot see your updates in Moments.
  • Hide His Posts: Me not see the friend’s updates in Moments.

Now you know how to block people in WeChat on iPhone, prevent someone from sending you messages, hide people’s moments, hide or don’t share your moment with specific contacts. Still have problems about blocking someone in WeChat? Share with us in the comment section below.