How to block people from using my Wi-Fi Hotspot on Xiaomi & Redmi phone?

Wifi hotspot or portable hotspot is a very useful features on smartphones which allows users to share their cellular data or internet connection with other smartphone users. You can find this feature on Android phones, iPhone and other mobile phones. In earlier posts, we have also showed you how to set up Wi-Fi hotspot on one phone and connect to the portable Wi-Fi hotspot from other mobile phone. For example, you can refer to this guide to setup portable Wi-Fi hotspot on Xiaomi Redmi phones and following tutorial to enable wi-fi hotspot on Samsung Galaxy phones.

Sometimes you may want to know who is connected to your Wi-Fi hotspot as you do not use an unlimited data plan thus you need to know how many devices are using your mobile data, whether someone is stealing your Wi-Fi hotspot and cellular data. Smartphones like Samsung, HTC and Huawei offer the ability to display connected phones in mobile hotspot settings, disconnect devices from connecting to your phone’s hotspot, manage Wi-Fi hotspot devices. You can view who is connected, you can cut off the connection from unknown devices, you can block any Wi-Fi hotspot connection and permit only some people you like to share your internet connection with. This feature however is missing on Xiaomi & Redmi phones currently. The Xiaomi or Redmi phones let you know how many devices is connected to your Wi-Fi hotspot, but you can not view the name or any other info of the connected devices. Pull down the notification panel from the top of your Xiaomi & Redmi phone, you will know how many devices are currently connected to your Xiaomi Redmi phone’s hotspot, but you can’t tap to view any of these connected devices. If you configured the Wi-Fi hotspot with someone and found there are too many devices connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can’t selectively cut off any device. You will however need to turn off mobile hotspot on Xiaomi & Redmi phone in order to block some unrecognized or unauthorized devices, this however will prevent all people from connecting to your mobile hotspot on Xiaomi phone. Alternatively you can also change the password for the hotspot on Xiaomi Redmi phone and ask people to connect to your Wi-fi hotspot again using the new password. Right now the MIUI or Xiaomi phones do not allow users to manage Wi-Fi hotspot devices or disable one of the many connections without affecting other devices or connections.

block& disconnect devices from hotspot connection on xiaomi redmi phone

To view, manage, disconnect any personal hotspot connected devices on Xiaomi or Redmi phone, go to Settings >> Personal hotspot >> Connected devices, tap on the MAC address of the connected device to show the option to disconnect device from hotspot connection. If you can’t see the option to manage or block people from using my Wi-Fi Hotspot on Xiaomi & Redmi phone, make sure to upgrade your MIUI to the latest version.

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Editors’ note: This post was originally published in Sep, 2016. It has been updated in 2017 to reflect new features and changes of the MIUI.

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