Blur, pixelate photos on Huawei phone

Want to hide some data on pictures, blur a face in a photo on your phone? Most smartphones provide the built-in photo editing tool which you can use to  blur, pixelate or black out image files. In a related article, we showed you how to blur, pixelate photos on iPhone. Android OS has similar editing tools as well. In this article, we will use an Android powered Huawei smartphone to demonstrate how to blur or pixelate photos on Huawei and other Android phones.

The stock Gallery app on Huawei phone is the all-in-one tool for photo management and editing. We can use it to view, manage and edit pictures on the phone. 

Add Mosaic to photos on Huawei phone

Find the photo you want to edit in Gallery, tap Edit at the bottom, then choose Mosaic, you will see a screen like this.

add mosaic to photos on huawei phone

To add mosaic effect to pixelate photo and protect your privacy is easy. Select a Mosaic effect from the bottom, choose Mosaic size, draw on the part of the image that you want to pixelate. If make any mistake in the editing process, you can undo the change or use the Eraser to remove mosaic from photo. Finally tap on the confirm (check) button at the bottom to save the change to the photo. 

Bur pictures on Huawei mobile

Also in the Edit mode in Gallery app, choose Illusion from toolbar at the bottom, you can choose and add different blur effects to the original photo.

Blur the whole picture

Tap the Blur button at the bottom to blur the whole photo or apply one of below blur effects to your photos on Huawei phone.

The Circular blur

You can specify the point or circle around which there will be blur.  You can move the circle anywhere on your image, enlarge the circle or selection and blur the rest part of it.

circular blur photos on huawei phone

The Linear blur

Apply linear blur horizontally, vertically or rotate it to any angel, move it to any position, enlarge or shrink it to any size.

Black out photos on Huawei phone

You can also use the Graffiti tools to draw on the photos to black out any part of an image file that you want to hide.