How to blur videos on computer?

You may want to hide sensitive information in your video, screencasts, such as your face, username, password, phone numbers and so on. With Filmora Video Editor, we can easily blur out part of a video or areas of a video in just a few simple steps.

Download this video editor from previous linked page or get it on to your PC or Mac directly below.

filmora video editor main interface

Run the video editor on your computer. Choose to enter its full featured mode from the welcome screen. Click File > Import Media to add the video to the Media library of the movie editor software. Drag it from the Media library at the upper left section to the timeline at the lower section. Right click on the video track in the timeline, choose Power Tool from the pop-up menu, choose Mosaic > Apply Mosaic to the clip > Add. A rectangular blurred box with yellow borders shows on your video. Move the blurred box anywhere on your video that you like to hide or pixelate. Drag its borders to resize the area to blur. Drag the Percentage slider to change the intensity of the blur.

add mosaic blur to video with filmora video editor on pc

Preview the video with blurred area on it using the built-in movie player at the upper right section of the video editor. Finally click the Export button in the middle toolbar and follow on-screen tips to save the blurred video to your computer.

Extra video blur tips

  1. The Mosaic blur applies to the selected video clip. If you need only to blur part of a video, you can split the video into fragments and apply blur to the desired video clip.
  2. The Mosaic blur can be used in conjunction with the other blur tools, such as PIP video, Face-off effect which we’ll describe below, etc. Check out this tutorial to overlay photos and videos or create PIP videos.

Blur face or people who is moving in the video

When the person in the video you want to blur is moving, you will find adding a still Mosaic blur box can’t help. Luckily the video editor has another great feature called “Face Off” which is able to add motion blur to any faces it detects in the video. It can automatically blur all faces in the video, though it’s very inexact. Preview the video to make sure it hides out all faces you do not to reveal in the video. And you can also add Mosaic effect to blur faces the automatic face blur failed to do so.