How to burn an audio CD using iTunes?

To burn an audio CD on your computer for playback on a CD player, your computer will need to be equipped with a recordable drive, such as CD-R or CD-RW capable drive or DVD-R and DVD+R drives. On the software side, you can use iTunes to make your own music CDs without any fee. You can download iTunes for Windows PC or Mac OSX for free from Apple. The process to burn an music CD is the almost the same for both the iTunes Mac and iTunes on Windows PC. If you are using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, iTunes is the must-have software for iOS device sync, data backup and restore, and many more. For example iTunes can help you create free ringtones for iPhone, transfer ringtones from computer to iPhone and so on.

Burn an audio CD using iTunes

Open iTunes on your computer. Go to make a new playlist. Go to “File” and click “New Playlist”. It will appear on the left hand side of the screen, named “Untitled playlist”. Rename it as you want. Now click on “Music” to bring up your tunes and simply drag the songs you want on your CD onto the new playlist. Not to include too many songs on the same playlist, keep it less than about 74 minutes of music, about 20 songs, or about 650 megabytes of data, If you exceed the minimum of a CD disc. From the iTunes menu, choose Preferences.

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To have iTunes adjust the volume of the songs so they all play at the same level, click the checkbox labeled “Use Sound Check”. This can be useful if your playlist has songs from different albums. Click the Burning button. Select “Audio CD” as the disc format. Click on your new playlist and then click on this “Burn Disc” button at the bottom of the window. Insert a blank CD-R disc and click Burn Disc again.

If you plan on playing the CD in a home or car stereo CD player, use a blank CD-R disc. It is because a CD-RW disc is not supported by many players. If you’re only going to play the CD on your computer, it does not matter, a computer is able to play the CD-RW disc.