How to determine if I can recover data from mobile phone using your recovery software or not?

Admittedly you can’t recover any data from any Android phone under any circumstances. Mobile phone data recovery is a complicate thing for many non-tech savvy people. We have been trying to make the Android phone data recovery as easy as possible for Android users to understand through series of articles. For example, you can refer to this tutorial to recover deleted photos from Lenovo mobile and this step-by-step guide walks you through the process to recover SMS messages from Samsung Galaxy phones. Are you using a LG smartphone, like the LG’s award-winning G series of smartphones, the LG G2, G3, G4? You can check out this page which reveals the easy steps to recover photos and videos from LG smartphones. Android is a very big family, we can see new Android device almost every day. This adds to the complexity of data recovery from Android phones. Although our mobile phone recovery solution has helped a lot of cellphone users retrieve their lost files and documents successfully. Still many users are in the trouble. Today we will try to alleviate some of the anxiety and frustration by offering advice to users who are struggling in recovering data from their Android phones.

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One of the top FAQs is that customers want to know whether this data recovery software works for their mobile phone or not and why it may work or not work even with the same phone model. The mobile phone recovery software seems to be very easy to use. They have managed to enable USB debugging on the phone and followed this procedure and it just did not work somehow.

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quotation markI have a Samsung s5 and I tried this procedure and did not work. It’s saying ‘device mode verification is unsuccessful’. I cant find anything that gives me any resolution to the problem being it doesn’t recognize the device and I continue to get the message ‘device mode verification is unsuccessful’. If my device is supported why is it the software is unable to recognize it? How to determine if I can recover data from mobile phone using your recovery software or not?

It just depends when it comes to the question of “support of not”. When we say this model is supported, it is based on our in-house experiment, we have a summarized list of many phone brands, model numbers, Android versions, etc. A lot of things can affect it, such as Android version, firmware version, hardware, carrier, OEM patching. Additionally some variables depending on individual circumstances could also affect it.

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In order to recover as much data as possible, the Android phone recovery software will apply temporary rooting to the phone before recovery and will remove root from the phone after recovery automatically. The rooting process is the most critical part. If it failed, then it will not be able to recognize the device or proceed to next steps. Just like any other third party rooting software in the market, currently no rooting tool can work for all Android phones. So the better way to find out a device is supported or not would be just try and see. On the other end, when we say the phone model is not supported or not natively supported or not natively compatible, that does not mean you can’t recover data from it using the recovery software. Users can still try to root their phone using third party software at first, as our data recovery solution works better with rooted devices. You can increase chances of success by rooting however it is not a guarantee. See this guide for more details: Can I recover deleted data after rooting the Android phone?.