Can’t Import Matrox AVI videos to Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro can process a wide range of audio/video formats and codecs. Generally speaking you should be able to import, play, edit, export most popular video formats, such as Apple QuickTime, ProRes, Microsoft AVI, ASF, WMV, VOB, MXF, AIFF, 3GP, and many more. These however are the containers or wrappers that can contain audio/video encoded with various codecs. As a result, you may find Premiere Pro may not support some videos, even in the same file format or file name extension. For example, AVI videos may use various codecs, like Xvid, DIVX, MJPEG, H264. Premiere Pro does not support AVI videos encoded with a not so common codec. Matrox AVI videos is an obvious example. Some Matrox AVI videos are encoded with the MMES, MMIF codec. When adding a not supported AVI to Premiere Pro, you may receive the File Import Failure error message saying the file is unsupported or damaged.

Matrox AVI file import failure Adobe Premiere Pro

If you can’t import Matrox AVI videos to Adobe Premiere Pro, you should double check the essence  of a video file, the audio/video codec. You can download this video converter to find out the codecs and other parameters of all kinds of video and audio files, and even transcode them. Download the free trial version of the media converter from previous linked page onto your PC or Mac computer. Then follow below steps to play, edit, convert the Maxtro AVI videos before you can import them to Adobe Premiere, play them with your favorite players, transfer them to your mobile phones.

Run the video converter on your computer. Drag and drop the AVI file from File Explorer or Finder to the converter. You can then right click the file in the converter to view the Media Information and find out its audio/video codecs and other technical details of the video. To play the Matrox AVI video, mouse over the video thumbnail and click the Play button. To convert the Matrox AVI video, go to the upper right section to select the desired video format/codec, then hit the Convert button to complete. See below screenshot. More details can be found from this Matrox AVI video playing and converting guide.

play convert matrox avi file on windows pc

The edited, converted AVI video will be saved to the output folder of the media converter program. You can find its output path from the bottom of the workspace. Open the output folder in File Explorer or Finder on your Windows computer or Mac. You can then play the Matrox videos with your favorite movie player, import the Matrox videos to Adobe Premiere Pro or other editors you prefer.

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