Capture Android Screen

Want to take screenshots on Android device? Android users may need to use different ways or apps in order to capture screen on Android mobiles or tablets. For example, if you are using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you can follow this guide to take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy phones. Some Android screen capture even requires you to root the Android in order to use these third party screenshot apps to capture Android screen. If you do not know how to capture Android screen or look for an easier way to take screenshots on Android phone or tablet, check out the details below.

Capture Android Screen and save to computer in one click

Download and install this Android screen capture tool on to your Windows or Mac computer. You can follow below steps to easily capture screen on your Android phone or tablet and the screenshot captured will be saved to your computer directly.

Step 1. Run Android Manager

This Android manager does a lot more than just taking screenshots. It is an all-in-one Android data management, transfer, backup, restore software.

connect android to computer

Step 2. Connect Android to computer

Your Android device can be connected to computer via USB or through your local Wi-Fi network. To take screenshot on Android, you need to get your Android connected to PC or Mac through USB. The Wi-fi connection mode allows you to transfer or backup Android data, like transfer Android music, backup Android contacts, copy text messages from Android to computer and many more. However it does not allow you to capture Android screen on current version. So go ahead to connect your Android to computer through USB data cord for now. Once you did that, you will see your Android device displayed in the Android Manager window. See below screenshot.

take screenshot on Android

Step 3. Capture Android Screen and save to computer

Right under your Android device, there will be a Screenshot button, click on it, you will get a pop-up dialogue where you can select a folder on your computer to save the screen capture, click the Save button you will capture the Android screen and the screenshot will be saved on to your computer. So you can directly edit the screenshot captured with image editors and share with others through emails, blogs, websites, FTP, etc. It is very handy as sometimes you may need to save the screen capture on computer or edit the captured screen picture on computer before sending or sharing it. Compared to those solutions to capture Android screen on your device, you save the steps to transfer photos from Android to computer.

More Screen Capturing Tips

  • Before you capture screen of your Android device, you need to bring up what you want to capture on your device, then use above screen capturing tool to take screenshot and save to computer in just one-click.
  • You can use the above tool and method to capture anything you like on your Android screen, like games, videos, apps, photos, text messages, contacts, emails, chatting window, etc. It can capture in full screen mode, so you will not lose any part on your screen when taking screenshot.
  • You can capture as many screenshots as you like as they do not use your phone’s storage. The screenshots will be saved on to your computer other than your Android phone’s memory.
  • In a recent update, the screen recording feature has been added to this feature-rich phone manager tool. Now you can use it to mirror Android phone screen to PC, record screen of Android phones as movies. Check out this tutorial to record screen of Samsung mobile just as an example.