Capture scrolling web page using Snagit on Mac

Mac has the built-in screen capture to help us capture selected portion of our screen, or the whole screen. It however can’t help us easily capture very long web pages. If you need to take a screenshot of a scrolling web page, it’s better to choose a third-party screen capture with the scrolling web page capture support. In an earlier post, we used Snagit to capture scrolling window and pages on Mac. In fact, this powerful screen capture software has a built-in web page capture feature that can automatically scroll long web pages to help us take screenshot of lengthy pages. No need to manually scroll the web pages and stitch screenshots any more.

Here’re the quick steps to use its web page capture feature to capture scrolling web pages on Mac.

Run Snagit on Mac, you will find it in the top Menu bar. Click Snagit from the menu bar, switch to the Image capture mode, then choose Webpage in the drop-down menu.

Snagit for Mac - web page capture mode

Hit Capture button in red, you will get a pop-up dialog like this.

capture web page using snagit on mac
capture web page using snagit on mac

Simply copy the web page URL address from Safari or other web browsers and paste into the Enter URL box as shown above. Click Scroll button to allow Snagit scroll the web page for you automatically. After that, it opens the capture web page in Snagit Editor. Edit the screenshot and save it to your Mac.

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