Capture scrolling window or entire webpage in Windows 10

In Windows 10, we can use the free snipping tool which is bundled with the OS to capture anything displays on our computer screen. This little utility is really useful and easy to use. See how you can capture screen in Windows 10 using the Snipping Tool. It is great for the most part. You can use it to create a free-form snip, rectangular snip, window snip or full-screen snip. With the capture delay feature, you can even capture context and other pop-up or drop-down menus using the Snipping Tool on Windows PC.

But, one of the things about this Snipping Tool that bothered me was its inability to scroll. I can’t use it to capture scrolling page or window. We also found this to be a common feature with many third-party screen capture tools. Snagit is a good example. It makes scrolling web page capture really simple. To use the screenshot tool to capture scrolling window or capture entire web pages, follow these steps.

Launch the screen capture on your Windows PC. Switch from the All-in-one capture mode to the Image capture mode. In the Selection box, select Scrolling Windows. Open the web page or window you like to capture. Hit the Capture button at the right side.

capture scrolling window using snagit for windows on pc

On the scrolling web page or window, you can choose to capture vertical scrolling area, horizontal scrolling area or entire scrolling area. After that the scrolling page or window will be captured and opened in the Snagit Editor so you can preview, edit it before you save it to your computer.

Manually stop scrolling & capturing

Other than letting Snagit scroll to the bottom and capture the complete web page or window, you can manually stop the scrolling and capture only part of the web page. When Snagit is scrolling, you will see a pop-up dialog says “Scrolling. Please Wait. Click to stop“. Click on it to stop the scrolling window capture anytime you like and open the captured screenshot in Snagit Editor.

Or you can switch to the Panoramic capture mode which requires users to manually start, scroll and stop the capture.

Capture scrolling web pages in Firefox

Edge doesn’t support page capture or screenshot. You can however download third-party web browsers with web page screenshot support. Firefox is a free and cross platform web browser you may consider. It supports scrolling web page screenshot. Check out this tutorial to capture scrolling web pages using Firefox. It makes full web page screenshots much easier and more intuitive. Best of all, it is totally free.