How to Capture and Share Game Screenshot & Video on PS4?

Capturing your magnificent moves, highest score on Sony PS4 and anything you like to record and share is fun. PS 4 has made it easy to achieve that. You do not need any separate gear or software, Sony has designed the easy Share button on your game play console which makes gameplay capture much easier than ever. Today we will walk you through the easy procedure to take screenshot, capture your screen and save as video clip, get your screen captured and video clip recorded online.

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How to Capture and Share Game Screenshot & Video on PS4?

Unlike other game play console, such as Xbox One, Sony PS4 has the dedicated share button on the gamepad which is much easier to access.

sony playstation 4 share button

You do not need to download or install any third party app, or pull up the capture feature in your settings, simply press this share button. This new designed controller with new “Social” button focus on social integration for those game players who also have a social life. It can help gamers share what they like with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Ustream, Vimeo, Twitch or elsewhere. If you do not wish to share them via social media, you may simply just store video files on your PlayStation 4’s hard drive.

Quick Press PS4 Share Button

Opens the Share menu, saves a screenshot, and creates a save file of the last up-to 15 minutes of gameplay. Up to 15 minutes of footage can be stored in the background before you hit Share button on the PS4 controller.

Long Press PS4 Share Button

Snaps a Screenshot at that moment.

Double Press PS4 Share Button

Sets the start point for a new video clip. Quick Press to end your current clip.

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