Capturing Screenshots on Mac OSX Mountain Lion

Capturing your Mac screen is the easiest way to show what’s on your Mac screen. The Mac OSX has always made it easy to capture a screen shot. This post we will talk about how to take screen shots on Mac OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Capture whole screen on Mac Mountain Lion

To take a screen shot of your entire screen with on Mac Mountain Lion, you can hold down the Command and Shift keys and pressing a 3.

screen capture mountain lion

Capture a portion of the whole screen on Mac Mountain Lion

If you hold down the Command and Shift keys and press 4, Mac OS X turns the cursor into crosshairs you can use to select whatever portion of your display you’d like to capture in a screen shot.

Capture a window on Mac Mountain Lion

There are times we want to quickly capture the whole window of a program to share with others. For example, when you are having trouble using some software or when you are getting a error prompt, you may want to show them to others and ask for assistant. You can capture the whole screen on your Mac, you can also select to capture a small part of your screen. However if you do not want to capture the unnecessary part of your screen or do not want to click & drag to select and capture. You can actually do as following. You can press Command-Shift-4, then immediately hit the Spacebar, Mac OS X Mountain Lion replaces those crosshairs with a little camera. Using the camera, you can take a screen shot of the Dock, the entire menu bar, a single open menu, the desktop, or any open window.