Cast screen from Android to computer over Wi-Fi

Unlike iPhone which has the built-in feature to cast screen to computer and smart TV. Some Android phones don’t come with such a feature in the system. So if you want to cast screen from Android device, double check your mobile phone, see if you can find the built-in Cast feature or Miracast support. If your phone support Miracast, you have to install the Miracast receiver app on your computer to receive the remote display. If your phone does not support wireless screen mirroring, or you don’t have the Miracast receiver app on your computer, we recommend Apower Phone Mirror which provides Android users the easiest solution to see their mobile phone on big screen.

Here is a short list of its main features:

  • Support iOS/Android mirroring
  • Control Android with Mouse & Keyboard
  • Take screenshots
  • Record iPhone/Android phone screen
  • Sync app data
  • Available on Windows/Mac, buy one and get the other one for free

Cast screen from Android to computer over Wi-Fi

Get the phone mirror software from previous linked page on to your Windows or Mac computer. On your mobile phone, search and download ‘apower mirror’ from Google Play or other Android market.

Make sure both mobile and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then run the phone mirror software on your desktop or laptop. Run the phone mirror on your mobile phone, you will see its home screen like this.

Tap the Mirror icon at the bottom, choose your PC or Mac in the next screen.

The phone mirror can help us mirror Android phone to computer or cast computer screen to mobile phone. Thus we have to choose the mirroring mode in the next screen.

Choose Phone Screen Mirroring, other than Computer Screen Mirroring, to mirror your Android screen to PC or Mac. For security reasons, your phone may also prompt you about the screen remote display. If you see this prompt message with an authorization button, confirm to start mirroring Android phone screen to your laptop or desktop computer.

Mirror iPhone to computer

iPhone iPad users can also use this phone screen casting solution in conjunction with the built-in AirPlay feature to mirror iPhone, iPad screen to PC wirelessly.

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