Change and Activate ringtones on Lenovo mobile phone

Ringtone is a very important part of the private customization of our mobile phone to show off our personality, just like the cosmetic phone cases. In earlier articles, we have talked about how smart phone users can make ringtones from audios, music, and sound recordings, then transfer or sync ringtones from a PC or Mac to their cell phone, and enable the ringtones on the phone. For example, you can refer to this tutorial to convert voice recordings to ringtones for Samsung galaxy phones and then transfer ringtones from computer to Samsung phone. iPhone users can follow this guide to transfer ringtones from computer to iPhone. Today, we will discuss how to change or activate new ringtones on Lenovo phone and extra tips about ringtone transfer from computer to Lenovo phone.

How to change ringtones on Lenovo mobile phone?

The Vibe UI is very straightforward and easy to use. Note that different Vibe UI version, phone model or Android versions you have may differ in appearances. Lenovo users can easily customize or change their ringtones on the phone to make their phone more special. Run Settings on Lenovo home screen.

lenovo phone settings
Select Audio Profiles in Lenovo phone settings to get started. In the Lenovo Audio Profiles screen, you can find all existing profile settings such as General, Silent, Meeting, Outdoor. To change or enable new ringtones on Lenovo mobile, choose General, we can customize the ring and vibrate from there.

audio profiles of lenovo phone

Now you are at the Lenovo ringtone setting screen where you can change ringtones for incoming calls and tones for incoming text messages on Lenovo mobile phone. If your phone model support multiple or double SIM cards, you can also set ringtones or text tones for different SIM card here.

ringtone settings of lenovo phone

Touch the ringtone or SMS ringtone above, you will open the ringtone selection screen like below.

select and activate new ringtone on lenovo mobile phone

Here you can choose any existing ringtones on the ringtone list and press OK to activate the new ringtone on Lenovo device. If you have saved some music or audio somewhere, you can also press the More Ringtones… at the top of this list and then browse to the audio, music or ringtone file on your mobile phone and add it as the new ringtone.

How to transfer ringtones from computer to Lenovo phone?

You can firstly create a folder for ringtones via the stock File Manager app on Lenovo phone. Then connect up your phone to computer via USB. Browse to your files and folder on mobile phone using the file explorer on PC or Mac, then copy ringtones, audios, music, in MP3, WAV, ARM, OGG or other compatible formats, from computer to Lenovo phone. After that you can follow above steps to select and activate the new ringtones transferred from computer to Lenovo.


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