How to change default apps on Xiaomi & Redmi phones?

When I import SMS messages from a backup file on computer to Xiaomi phone, the mobile phone transfer tool changed my default messaging app on the mobile temporarily. Before this I have no idea even the default apps for those system apps can be modified. By the way, if you are interested in export or import text messages between cell phone and computer, you can check out this guide to export text messages from Samsung phone to computer, just as an example. You will find a mobile phone data management tool from previous linked article which can help you back up and restore messages on smartphones. We will not discuss this issue further now. In this post, we will share with you the steps to change the default apps on Xiaomi or Redmi phones. If you want to use specific apps to open or access certain files on the phone, if you want to replace the current default apps, you are at the right place.

How to change default apps on Xiaomi & Redmi phones?

Unlock your phone screen, tap to run the Settings app, scroll down to the Device section and tap Installed apps. Note that you should choose Installed apps other than System apps here, although what you may like to change might be a system app. Once you opened the Installed apps screen on Xiaomi phone, you should see a screen like below. And you will find the system apps can also be found in the Installed apps screen.

xiaomi redmi phone settings installed apps

Here you have two ways to clear default app settings on Xiaomi Redmi phone

How to clear default apps on Xiaomi & Redmi phones? — Method 1

Under the All tab, you should find all installed apps on the mobile phone. You can avoid any default app settings here. For example, if you find PDF files on you phone are always opened by the Reader app. You can find the Reader app here, tap to open its App Info screen, then scroll down to the LAUNCH BY DEFAULT section and touch the Clear Defaults to clear its default app settings. Once you cleared the default app settings on the phone, so you have the choice to select preferred app again. This feature is also available for Samsung, Xiaomi phone and many other Android powered mobile phones. Check out this guide to clear default app setting on Lenovo mobile.

clear app defaults on xiaomi redmi mobile phone

Set a new default app on Xiaomi Redmi phone

After that when you try to open PDF files again on you phone, you will see the Complete action using screen where you can set a new default app for PDF files on the phone.

remember my choice and set default app on xiaomi redmi phone

Note that this method does not only work with PDF files, but also many other files and documents on the phone. Just remember that when you try to open the file on the phone, you will be presented with the app selection options, you can select any compatible app to open the select file, before that however touch to enable the ‘Remember my choice’ option so as to set the selected app as the default app to open the file type.

How to clear default apps on Xiaomi & Redmi phones? — Method 2

Touch the icon says Defaults at the bottom of above screen on Xiaomi or Redmi mobile phone, you will be taken to Xiaomi phone default apps screen like this.

set default apps on xiaomi redmi mobile phones

From here you can change the default dial app, default messaging app, default browser, default camera app, default music app, default gallery app, default email app, default video app, etc. If you like to set all default apps to factory presets, simply tap the ‘Reset to defaults’ >> Reset.

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  1. Hello, thanks for your article. I’m using Whatsapp and when I get a map link with whatsapp and click on it, directly HERE maps is starting. I have more than 2 map apps installed and I know, some weeks before I had the “Complete action using” menu to choose witch map app I want to open the map link when I clicked on the whatsapp link.
    First i checked the HERE Map app to clear the defaults, but it has no defaults set. So I checked the Whatsapp app, same same. Then I made the Method 2, “Reset to defaults”. But still no “Complete action using” menu! =(

    any idea?
    Thanks in advance

    1. sorry, the above guide talks about changing default apps on Xiaomi phones. do you mean to recover lost pictures from Xiaomi phone? can you please specify your phone models, and the picture loss scenario?

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