How to change the default location of Voice Recorder in Windows 10?

The default location of Voice Recorder app in Windows 10 is the Documents >> Sound Recordings. If your Windows 10 drive is the C drive, then the default folder of Voice Recorder files will be C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Sound recordings. You can find more details from this guide to find out where are voice recordings saved in Windows 10.

If you use the sound recorder app a lot, and do not want to fill your Windows 10 system drive with all kinds of sound recording files, you may want to know how to change the default folder of where the sound recordings is saved. Unfortunately the current version of Voice Recorder does not allow users to change the output path of recorded files. If you go to the Settings in Voice Recorder app, there will be no such option. Does that mean we can’t change where Voice Recorder saves a file in Windows 10? Not really. Still there are some workaround you can do that, although they are a bit tricky.

open voice recorder file location on windows 10 pc

Method 1. Changing default location of where Voice Recorder saves files via junction point

A junction point is a symbolic link to a directory that acts as an alias of that directory. This method might be complicated for some users, but very flexible, as it can help you change the Voice Recorder default location to any hard drive and folder on the computer. In an earlier article, we used this method to change iTunes backup location on Windows PC.

You can refer to this linked guide for more details or use below solution which is much easier.

Method 2. Change the default location of Voice Recorder files in Windows 10 – Easier way!

Generally speaking, when you want to save a file into a different folder or location from a program, you can click the File menu, then choose Save, Save as or Save to, then select a folder in the explorer window and save the files to a new directory other than the default one. Some programs may also allow you to change the default file output folder and location from its settings. The Voice Recorder app is exceptional. It does not allow you to change the default location of files within the app settings. However there is some option comes with Windows 10 system allows you to change the default location or hard drive where files and documents to be saved on the computer. The Save locations settings is the only thing you need to change in order to change Voice Recorder app file save location from the system drive which is usually the C drive to any other hard drives on your PC, D drive, E drive or else. Note that this change will be global for all system apps. That means if you have other Microsoft apps to create new documents, they will also be saved to the new Documents folder on another hard drive.

To do that, click the Start menu, choose Settings, then System (Display, notifications, apps, power) >> Storage, you will see the Save locations settings for new apps, new documents, new music, new pictures, new videos. Change the “New documents will save to” and choose another hard drive other than the default This PC (C:), click the Apply button and you are done. You can check out this guide to change documents default save location in Windows 10 and find more details with screenshots from there.