How to Change Icon Size on Mac Dock

Mac computers display application icons at the bottom of your screen known as the Dock. You can rearrange these icons in the Dock, add new ones to Mac dock. You can also adjust icon size on the Dock.

The Dock icon size is big by default. If you don’t like it, you can change the Dock icon size bigger or smaller according to your preference.

Steps to Edit Mac Dock size (Dock icon size)

1. From the Apple menu, choose Dock, then Dock Preferences (or open System Preferences and click Dock) to open the preferences panel as below.

edit Mac Dock size (Dock icon size)

2. To make Mac Dock smaller, move the Dock Size slider left.

3. To make Mac Dock bigger, move the Dock Size slider right.

1. The Magnification preference controls how large the Mac Dock icons get when you roll over them with your mouse cursor.
2. If you prefer not to have the icons magnify, deselect the Magnification checkbox.