Change Language in Windows 8

How to Change Language in Windows 8?

You can change the default language in Windows 8 through the Control Panel. Windows 8 comes preloaded with many different languages that you can switch to easily. If your Windows 8 does not have the desired language is, you can also download additional languages from Microsoft’s website. For most of us, we should be able to find our preferred language packs on the default language list of Windows 8. You can revert to the default language of Windows 8 any time.

How to Change Language in Windows 8?

It is pretty easy to change the default language on Windows 8. You may follow below steps.

1. Open the “Control Panel” on Windows 8.
There are different ways to open the Control Panel on Windows 8. If you do not know how to, simply move your cursor to the bottom right of the start window. There will be a – minus sign at that corner. Mouse over it, you will see a vertical menu bar appears on the right. It is called the Charms bar of Windows 8. Click on “Settings”, then “Control Panel”.

Open settings and control panel on window 8

2. Select “Language” from the Control Panel.

3. Click “Add a language” in the Change your language preferences pane. You’ll likely see “English (United States)” as one of the currently active languages.

Install and Change Language in Windows 8

4. Search and select a language from the list. You’ll then have to choose a particular dialect of that language, so double click on the language you want to install.

5. If the status of the target language shows as Available, it means the language pack is installed, available to use for the Windows display language. You can move it to the top of your language list to make this language your new default display language.

If the status shows as Available for download. Click on the Options button beside the language to open the new language option. Click “Download and install language pack.”

When the language pack is installed, the language is displayed as available, you can follow above tips to move it to top and make it the default language in Windows 8.

6. Log off & then log on again to your Windows 8 for the language change to take effect.

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