How to change order of music tracks within playlists on iPhone?

When you created a playlist on iPhone and added your music tracks to this playlist, or added music from computer to iPhone iPad iPod, you may want to adjust the order of songs in this music playlist on iPhone. For example, you may not want to play all songs alphabetically. You may want to move your favorite songs to upper section of the playlist. The song order of playlist are sorted by date added, however you may like to move new music to the beginning of the playlist. Is it possible to change the order of songs in a playlist on the iPhone?

How can I change order of music tracks within playlists on iPhone?

Run Music app on iPhone. Switch to the Playlist tab in Music app, find and open the playlist in Music app, you will then see all songs added to this playlist. Press the “Edit” button in the top of the playlist to beginning editing the music playlist on iPhone.

edit music playlist on iphone

You will then find options to manage songs in playlist on iPhone. Press and hold the three gray stripes on the right side of a chosen song title, and move it to its intended location, either upper or lower, within the playlist. For example, you can move a song clip from the bottom of the playlist to an upper section, or move a song from up to bottom section of the playlist on iPhone.

change order of music tracks in playlist on iphone

Now you know how to manually set the music play to just play the songs in order or sequence you like.