Changing ringtone on LG mobile phone

To make your mobile phone truly your own, you may like to change its ringtone. LG mobile phones come with pre-installed ringtones to choose from, or you can set your favorite song as ringtone on LG phones.

Set a new ringtone on LG phone

From your phone’s home screen, tap Settings, switch to Sound & notification in the tab view, touch Ringtone, or SIM 1 ringtone, SIM 2 ringtone for LG phones that support dual SIM cards. You can then browse through the tones that come with your phone. If you like to set your own music, voice recording, audio file as new default ringtone on LG mobile, tap the + Add icon in the upper right corner to choose the music track, voice recording or audio.

lg mobile phone ringtone settings

Set ringtone for individual callers/contacts

Other than changing the default ringtone for all incoming calls on LG mobile, you can choose to set custom ringtone for specific phone number or caller. Open the Contacts app on LG phone, find the contact you like to assign new custom ringtone to. Tap on the number or caller’s name to view its details. The name card opens in a new window. Tap the Edit (pencil icon) in the upper right corner to edit it. You can then find the ringtone setting for the selected contact and pick up a new ringtone for it. Finally touch the Save button at the bottom right corner to save the change and quit.

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