Change Samsung Phone Video Resolution & Aspect Ratio

Generally speaking you do not need to change video resolutions or aspect ratios on mobile phones if you only want to play them back on the phone. When you shot the videos using your cell phone and plan to watch them on computer, HD TV or any devices with big display however you should consider these video parameters. If you notice low image quality issue or video distortion when play the source videos recorded using a Samsung smartphone on another device or player, you need to customize the video resolution or aspect ratio on Samsung mobile. In this article, we will discuss how you can do that quickly.

How to Change Samsung Phone Video Resolution & Aspect Ratio?

Note that there are so many Samsung phone models in the market running on various customized Android OS. The procedure to alter video resolution or aspect ratios on Samsung phones is similar. You can see some difference in appearance or settings between different Samsung phones.

Run Camera app on Samsung galaxy phone, like Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6 or other Samsung models. Switch from photo taking to video recording mode. Then go to Settings >> Resolution, change the resolution to what you want from the presets list.
change video resolution and aspect ratio on samsung mobile phone
Different phones have different video resolutions & preset. Some use different types of rear and front camera option settings. For example, the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 can record full HD 1080p videos in standard 1920x1080p resolution, 30/fps or 60/fps, 17mb/s or 28mb/s bitrate, h.264 video codec, acc audio codec. Some of the video aspect ratios are 16:9, such as 1280×720, 1920×1080, 2560×1440, 3840×2160. Some video aspect ratios are standard 4:3, like VGA 480p 640x480p videos. By changing the video resolutions on Samsung phone, you might change the video aspect ratios at the same time. 4K video is a buzzword today, we have showed you how to change video aspect ratio and resolution above, and if you like to take 4K videos on the phone, that’s the same place you can enable 4K video recording on Samsung mobile phone.
samsung galaxy s6 video recording modes and parameters

The above tips can help you change video resolutions and aspect ratios on Samsung galaxy phones and this affect only new videos to be recorded. If you have many saved video shots, how can you change the video resolutions and aspect ratios for them? You have two options roughly. Firstly you can edit videos on Samsung mobile, see this guide to trim videos on Android phones. The video editing feature on mobile phones is very limited. Thus you may also consider to transfer the video to a PC or Mac and edit videos on your computer. See this guide to change video aspect ratios on computer.

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