How to check IP address on HTC mobile phone?

When you are connected to internet via Wi-Fi or connected to a wireless router, you get an IP address in your local network from the router. At times you may need to find out the IP address on your mobile phone. So, what is your IP address on the phone? In this guide, we will show you how to find the IP address on HTC mobile phones.

How to find IP address on HTC mobile phone?

Open Settings app on HTC mobile, touch the ON/OFF toggle for Wi-Fi or WLAN to connect your phone to a wireless network. If it is the first time you connect to a network, tap Wi-Fi or WLAN, choose the Wi-Fi network name, input its password, then connect. Otherwise you should be connected to an unknown wireless network automatically. Tap the Wi-Fi or WLAN entry, you should see a list of all nearby Wi-Fi networks with the connected network at the top. Touch the active Wi-Fi network name, you can then find the IP address item at the bottom.
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How to locate Wi-Fi MAC Address of HTC phone?

MAC address stands for Media Access Control. It is the physical address of any wireless device. The MAC address is used to identify the device. In other words, MAC of all wireless devices are unique. Want to know the Wi-Fi MAC Address of HTC phone? From your HTC phone home screen, navigate to Settings >> About >> Phone identity >> Wi-Fi MAC address.

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  1. Please I don’t know what wrong with HTC d820s not connect to my WiFi. The name of the WiFi not show in near by internet.

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