Check video codec on Mac

When you encounter video playback issues, like video can’t be opened, video does not play properly, or doesn’t play at all, you may want to check its codec see if any audio and video codecs required to play the specific file are missing on your computer. Unlike Windows, Mac users don’t need to download or install a professional video inspector tool to find and know the codec of video files. We can directly view the video codec in Finder or in the QuickTime Player on Mac. Check out details below.

Find video codec in Finder on Mac

In Finder, browse to the folder that holds your video clip. Right-click (or press and hold Control while you click) on the movie or video file. Then choose Get Info option from the contextual menu. The file information dialog opens. Jump to More info section, you can see codecs of both audio and video used in the file.

Find video codec in Finder on Mac

Check video codec in QuickTime Player

Launch the QuickTime Player, which is the default movie player on Mac, from the Launchpad. Open the movie or video file you like to inspect in QuickTime Player, then go to Window > Show Movie Inspector.

QuickTime Player for Mac Show Movie Inspector - Check video codec

More video & codec inspector

Many media players have embedded such a codec inspector so you can directly check video codec while playing a video file.

VLC media player codec information inspector

In VLC Media Player for Mac, play a video file which you like to find out the video/audio codec it uses, go to Window > Media Information to view the codec and other technical specifications.

VLC media player for Mac - codec information inspector - lookup video audio codec

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