How to Make Christmas Music Slideshow?

merry christmasChristmas is around the corner. Many people want to prepare their holiday gifts, such as electronics, clothes, holiday photo cards, etc. If you are looking for creative Christmas gift ideas, you should definitely consider a Christmas photo slideshow. Compared to holiday photo cards for Christmas, a photo slideshow is dynamic and vivid because you can well organized your Christmas photos into lively video, decorate your Christmas slideshow with festive stickers, stunning transition effects, Christmas songs, even your voice and greetings. Sound interesting? Yes, it is really cool idea. Just imagine you are the hostess to receive and entertain guests at home during the holiday season, you have made the party so great, everyone was so happy and you took a lot photos of smiling faces, after the party, every family members or friends get a slideshow movie as the special Christmas gift to cherish. Isn’t it lovely? Yes, Christmas photo slideshows are more fun than Christmas photo cards. Many people choose Christmas photo cards just because they don’t know how to make Christmas slideshow movies and they thought it should be very difficult to do that. In fact, with the right tool everyone can turn their Christmas photos into movies, to make beautiful Christmas slideshow movies can be point and click. In maybe around 15 minutes, you can make your homemade Christmas photos slideshow with music and dynamic transitions.

Latest Update: We have upgraded below slideshow maker recently. You can visit this page to quickly create a family Christmas video in 15 minutes.

how to use dvd slideshow builder

In an earlier article, we talked about how to Make a YouTube Slideshow with Music? After that we have received many positive feedback about the slideshow maker, saying it is so easy to use yet the outcome is just so great. Some users even shared with us their great works. In this guide, we will be using the same photo to slideshow converter to walk you through the easy process to make Christmas slideshow with music. Get the DVD slideshow maker for Windows below before we get started.

Important Tips:
If you are on Mac or looking for a better slideshow movie maker for Windows, you should check out this page to easily create professional photo video slideshow movies on Mac and PC. This video maker comes with more stunning visual effects, useful features and much easier than the DVD slideshow builder.

How to make Christmas slideshow with music?

Choose Slideshow Creation Mode

When you firstly launch the DVD photo slideshow, you will be prompted to choose the slideshow creation mode between Standard and Advanced modes. The developer behind the slideshow builder has designed this tool with both beginners and professional in mind. As the first time user, choose Standard mode for now. It is easier to get started. Because you can make use of its pre-designed move styles and templates to convert still images into dynamic photo slideshows. The Advanced mode gives you greater freedom to custom all kinds of transition effects, motion effects and decoration. Another big difference between the Standard and Advanced modes is the video support. Under the Standard mode, you can only import photo and music into the slideshow maker and output photo slideshows with music. Under the Advanced mode, you can also import video clips to mix photos, videos and music together in one slideshow, you can generate photo slideshow, video sideshow, or slideshows with photos and videos. You can make the most of this DVD photo slideshow software by exploring more featues by yourself later. In this guide, We will focus on its basic functions. Here we will only show you the easiest way to make a stunning Christmas slideshow as beginners.

dvd slideshow builder modes

Now the main interface of the DVD photo slideshow for your Christmas slideshow building opens. You should see three taps shows at the top: Organize, Personalize and Create. It manifests the simply workflow to create Christmas photo slideshow using it.

dvd slideshow builder main interface standard

Add Christmas Photos & Videos

Now you can add your great Christmas photos and videos into the slideshow burner. You can either click the Add Files button from the center of the software to import your Christmas photos videos or simply open your media library on PC then drag and drop them into the Christmas slideshow maker. As we mentioned above, video clips can be added under the Advanced slideshow creation mode only.

christmas photo slideshow video maker

Edit Christmas Photos & Videos

This slideshow builder is full of useful features and built-in small tools to help you edit your photos and videos before burning them into slideshow or DVD movies. Many users are impressed by its capability and performance. It offers newbies the chance to make homemade professional slideshow videos. You can drag any photos or videos to change the order. You can also enable random play of the photos and video clips in the slideshow. To edit and adjust photos either automatically or manually. For example, you can use its Auto Repair tool to make your source photos more beautiful. You can also manually edit hue, saturation, brightness, contrast of photos, crop photos, crop videos, repair red-eye automatically, choose various filters, rotate photos and videos (so you don’t have to rotate iPhone videos if any using Windows live movie maker), flip photos and videos, enlarge the small photos, cut or trim videos, add cliparts to photos videos, add title, caption or any text to photos videos, add intro frame to slideshow, add credit frame to slideshow, enable DVD menu, and many more.
edit christmas slideshow photos

Choose Pre-Audio or Add Music or your Voice

This Christmas slideshow maker accepts background audios. The easiest way would be choose from the pre-audio where you can find a wide arange of audios and songs you can directly choose within the music slideshow maker. You can also import your music songs from computer media library to the slideshow maker or transfer music from mobile phones to computer and use them as slideshow movie background music. Voice over is also supported. You can record and add your own voice to make your Christmas photo slideshow more vivid.

Different sound tracks or channels can be mixed and played at the same time. You can drag and drop to adjust them in the time line. Audio fade in and fade out would be enabled automatically to make professional music slideshows.

Christmas songs suggestions
christmas songs suggestion

Choose Christmas Slideshow Templates

Here comes the most interesting part of the Christmas slideshow making. And it is also the most difficult part for most non-tech people. How to add transitions to movie or photo slideshow? Our photos are static, we want to make them dynamic, play the photos as movies or videos is what we are going to achieve. This DVD slideshow maker has simplified this part under the Standard slideshow making mode. You can simply pick up one of the 138 styles availabe templates under the Standard mode, should it be the general photo slideshow template or special designed Christmas slideshow template. Remember that at the first step we have selected the slideshow creation mode to Standard mode? If you like to custom all kinds of transition effects, motion effects and decorations, you can switch to the Advanced mode.

christmas slideshow templates

Create and Burn Christmas Slideshow Movie or DVD

Depends on how you want to share the Christmas slideshow, you can select different output options. This Christmas slideshow creator offers various options for you. You can virtually share your Christmas slideshow videos anywhere: burn Christmas slideshow to DVDs, create and play slideshow movies on TV, publish Christmas slideshow to video sharing sites or your own blog or site, transfer Christmas slideshows to devices like mobile phones, tablets, video players. A lot of portable devices are selected, such as Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod), Xbox, PSP, BlackBerry, Windows phones, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony, Lenovo, Toshiba, Huawei, just to name a few. You can also save Christmas slideshow videos to computer as HD movies. If you like to send your Christmas slideshow video through emails, you can also generate them as lightweight videos.

create christmas slideshow

If you want to publish it on to Youtube, you can find the YouTube publishing option in the publish tab. You can directly upload your Christmas slideshow to YouTube. After that your family and friends can watch the Christmas slideshow on YouTube. If you want a private share of Christmas slideshow, you can log on your Youtue account and unlist the Christmas slideshow video, so only those who has your Christmas slideshow link on Youtube can access it. If you have a blog or website, uploading the Christmas slideshow onto your own blog or site is also a good option. You can publish it through FTP, send your family or friends a link to view the Christmas slideshow on your site. You can also provide them a download link as well, so your friends and relatives can download the Christmas slideshow on to their computers or mobile phones. If you like to directly emails the Christmas slideshow videos, make sure to choose output video to smaller size, so it can be attached to emails. An old-fashioned way is to burn the Christmas photo slideshow to DVD disc and mail to your friends and relatives.