How to clear Safari history on iPad?

This guide describes you various ways to handle your own Safari browser history on your Apple tablet – iPad. Safari internet browser for iPad will save web surfing history in your iPad the same as it does on your computer or laptop. You may clear your Internet browser history on your computer regularly to save more HD space for other software, apps, files, etc. It is also very important to delete your browsing history on your gadget to get more free space for other games, apps, etc.  Additionally, it helps protect your privacy at the same time.

How to clear Safari history on iPad iOS 8?

iOS 8 has introduced many new features. To clear Safari history on your iPad, go to Settings >> Safari >> Clear History and Website Data. Your browser history will be deleted along with website data saved on your iPad. By doing so, you will also delete cookies on iPad.

clear safari history website data on iPad iOS 8

Note: Following above instructions, you can easily remove browser history on iPad. This however does not affect your bookmarks or Reading list. Check out this guide to delete reading list on iPad and this tutorial to delete bookmarks on iPad.

Clear Safari history on iPad on iOS 7, iOS 6

  • 1. Tab on “Settings” on your iPad home screen.
  • 2. From the left side of the settings screen, there will be Safari option, tab to open it.
  • 3. Safari Settings should now be displayed as shows from bellow figure. To clear Safari internet history, tap “Clear History”.

How to clear Safari history on iPad?

Two options bellow ‘Clear History’ are ‘Clear Cookies’ and ‘Clear Cache’. The main purpose of cookies is to identify users and possibly prepare customized Web pages for them. Safari saves the contents of webpages you open, and stores them in a cache, so the pages load faster when you visit them again. The main purpose of cache is to make the next visit to the same page faster. See tutorial on how to clear your browser cache on iPad.