How to clear WeChat data on iPhone?

WeChat is using too much disk storage on your iPhone? The WeChat app for iOS is more than 100M. However the accumulated data can be much bigger than the app itself. You can find the total space WeChat consumes on your iPhone exceed 400M. To find out the storage usage of WeChat app on iPhone, you can go to Settings >> General >> Usage, you will then open the Storage with a list of all installed iOS apps on iPhone. You can see the total storage space used by WeChat. To find out more details, tap on WeChat to open the WeChat Usage screen where you can find the app size and size of its documents & data.

Back up your data before deleting them

Before you proceed to clear the chats and data in WeChat, we highly recommend you to create a backup of them from iPhone to computer. Check out this guide to export WeChat chat history and messages from iPhone to computer.

How do I clear WeChat data for more storage space on iPhone?

There are different ways you can free up space on iPhone by deleting some or all of the WeChat data. The quickest way to to delete WeChat app from iPhone, this however will not only remove the app but also all of its data from iPhone. If you want to keep the chats, messages, photos, videos or any other data sent or received through Wechat, do not delete the app. You can selectively delete any message, photos, videos, voice recordings, message threads in Wechat to reclaim more space on iPhone. This however is boring and time-consuming.

The proper and easy way to clear data storage of WeChat on iPhone, is to make use of its built-in Manage Storage feature. To manage storage of WeChat on iPhone, you can run WeChat, go to Me >> Settings >> General >> Manage Storage. Once you are there, WeChat will automatically clear cache and then a pie chart displays the storage usage on your iPhone, including WeChat usage, free space and others. See below screenshot.

manage wechat storage on iphone

Touch View WeChat Storage from above screen, you can see the Chat List with detailed storage usage of each chat. Select the chat and tap on Delete button at the lower right corner to clear data of the selected chat and reclaim its space on iPhone.

delete- media and files from wechat chats on iphone

If you want to know what kind of data will be deleted, touch the Info icon besides each chat. You will find they are mainly the photos, videos, sight videos, stickers shared in WeChat chats. Sharing photos and videos on weChat is a lot of fun. See how to post and share videos on WeChat. Thus you will find these media files eat up your space very quickly. If like, you can also select multiple media items here and delete them at once so as to keep those photos or videos you like. Once the data is cleared, it cannot be restored. So you can save your favorite photos and videos from WeChat to iPhone Camera Roll from here before deleting them. As to Sight, you can’t save sight videos locally on iPhone. You need to use a third party software in order to save WeChat Sight videos on iPhone.

The above method to manage WeChat storage mainly delete media files in WeChat. Your messages will not be removed at the same time. You can also batch delete all chat history including messages in WeChat if like. Normally you do not need to do that, as those texts or messages may not eat up your memory. If you want to delete all messages and files attached in chats, you can go to WeChat Settings >> General >> Clear Chat History. This will clear all message history from WeChat on iPhone. Deleted the data this way can help you quickly get rid of all chats and files sent or received in chats and you won’t lose any contacts or moments. The contacts & moments will still be intact.
clear wechat chat history from iphone

13 thoughts on “How to clear WeChat data on iPhone?”

  1. Hi there,
    Please if anyone can explain how to delete a message or photo on Moments of Wechat?

  2. Hey guys please reply to this I have a problem. I have deleted everything and cached too. But it still has a lot of storage.

    1. make sure you have backed up all important WeChat messages and files from iphone to computer, you can then go to delete the WeChat app from iPhone, and re-install it from App Store.

    2. Hi saw your message today but I don’t have a computer, and I don’t want to uninstall and reinstall it back that often.Plus, I don’t have enough money to buy a computer and nobody will be willing to give one to me.

      1. How much space is being used by the weChat app and its data on your iPHone? you can find it out from iPhone Settings > General > Usage >WeChat. you should see the app version, app size and size for the documents & data saved in WeChat app from there.
        Also follow steps in above guide to navigate to View WeChat Storage > Chat List>, here you can find with detailed storage usage of each chat. you can choose to either delete the whole chat history of any selected conversation, or delete those heavy media files in a conversation.
        To select and delete media files in a WeChat conversation, switch to the Chats tab from the bottom, open the Chat you like to clear up its media files, if it is a group conversation, touch the group icon at the top right corner, scroll down the screen to find Chat Files, then select and delete unwanted photos, videos from there.

  3. May I know how to delete those others in wechat? It took me too much of storage

    1. the “Others” you see in WeChat Manage Storage screen refer to other apps, app data and so on so you can’t manage them using WeChat. You can go to iPhone Settings >> General >> Usage to find out the apps and their data usage on the phone and delete those unwanted app or app data to free up more space on iPhone. See this guide to clear data and save space on iPhone.

  4. Hello! Very good explanation but my wechat app closes before allowing me to delete. It’s too full and automatically closes…

    1. Do you have many photos, videos saved on the phone? if so, you can try to connect your iphone to computer, export some photos or videos from iphone to computer for backup, then go to delete them from iPhone camera roll, this can help you free up some storage space on iPhone quickly.
      After that you should be able to get into WeChat to clear up the chat history and files.

      1. while im using wechat on my iphone,suddenly its automatically save cod and deleting cache and i can’t use my wechat on my iphone,what can i do?

        1. so you can’t launch it on the phone any more? have you tried to delete wechat from iPhone and re-download it from App Store?

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