Combine multiple files, documents into one PDF

PDF is an open standard for electronic document exchange. It is widely used to present and share documents independent of which computer, device or software is used to view it. Most web browsers provide built-in support to PDF files, so you can directly open and view them on your computer and mobile phones without any third-party PDF utilities. Do you want to join several PDF files together into one PDF file? Sometimes we may have two or more PDF files that are related with each other. In such case, we can merge them into one PDF file for easier management and transfer. In this quick guide, we will show you how to quickly combine several files and documents into one PDF? You will learn not only how to merge multiple PDF files into one, but also other file types, like image, text, PDF, Word Doc, Excel Spreadsheet. I know plenty of folks who often insert their photos into PDF files for presentation. Instead of Adobe Acrobat, I will use another tool called PDF Element. You can get the PDF editor now before we proceed.

How to combine multiple files into one PDF?

Run the PDF creator, editor and converter program on your Windows or Mac computer. I will use its Windows version on a Windows 10 PC. Mac users may see slight difference in appearance. The Home tab opens automatically. Click Combine Files from the top toolbar. See the screenshot below.

pdf element to combine two or more files on pc

After that, you will see the built-in PDF merger pops up as a new window.

Adding files to PDF merger

Here you can click Add Files… link at the top left corner, browse to the folder where you PDF and other files you want to combine are saved on your computer, select and add them to the PDF merger tool. An easier way to add PDF and/or other files and document is to drag and drop your files from computer hard drive to the PDF merger directly.

combine multiple pdf files using pdf element on windows computer

Arrange files in any order

Drag and drop the files in the list up or down to change the order. Note that you can always rearrange the pages later. Scroll down for more details.

Merge multiple files into one PDF

Click Next to begin joining all files into one PDF file. It may take a while if you have very large PDF or other files included. Once the new PDF file was created, the PDF editor will open it automatically so you can make changes if needed before saving it to your computer hard drive.

Edit PDF file

Switch from the Home to the Page tab from the top menu bar. You can mouse over a page and delete it from the PDF file; drag and drop a page to reorder pages in the PDF file. See also this tutorial to delete pages from a PDF file for more details.

Save PDF file

Click the Save button at the top left corner, pick up a location and type in a new file name, then click Save again to export the combined PDF file to your PC or Mac computer.

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