Combine music, sound recordings, audio files using Audition

Want to record and mix separate parts to a single recording on PC? Have some sound recordings recorded using the Voice Recorder need to combine in Windows 10? In an earlier article, we explained how you can merge sound recordings in Windows 10 using a media converter program. This media tool was originally designed to convert videos from one format to another. It provides basic audio editing features as well, such as audio merging, splitting, converting, etc. Today we recommend a more powerful audio editing software with appealing features, Adobe Audition. You can easily join multiple audio tracks into one using this software. We’ll use its Windows version on a Windows 10 PC in this demo.

How to combine two or more songs, voice recordings?

Run Audition on your PC. Click File menu, select Open from the drop-down list, then browse to the folder where the music, voice recordings, audio files are saved, select and add the first audio clip to Audition. You will then see the audio file in the Waveform view in the working area. Go to the File menu again. This time you should choose Open Append > To Current. Browse to the folder and choose the second audio track and add it to Audition. This will put the second track at the end of the first one. Repeat the steps if you want to merge more than two music, sound recording, audio tracks. Audition will put each track at the end of the previous one.

adobe audition cc windows to add file, open append to current file

It can accept a wide range of audio formats and codecs, such as m4a the current voice recording format in Windows 10, mp3, wav, wma, webm, ts, 3gp, 3gp, aac, adt, adts, aif, aifc, aiff, amr, and many others. You do not even need to worry about the source audio file formats.

To export the merge audio file, you just need to save the resultant file from File > Save. Choose a file name, location, format and save it to your computer as a new audio file. This is the easiest way to combine sound recordings in Windows 10, combine mp3 files or merge music files on PC. They don’t have to be native sound recordings, Windows media files, but many other audios, music, sound recordings from iPhone, Android mobile and other devices.

Combine voice recordings in Windows 10

Run the stock Voice Recorder app on your Windows 10 computer. Play the recordings first so you can choose the right voice recording files to merge. Right click a sound recording file in the Voice Recorder app, choose Open file location from the pop-up dialog to open the folder where all your sound recordings are saved in the File Explorer. You will see they are all saved as .m4a files. Drag the first sound recording file from File explorer and drop it in the Audition to add it. For the rest audio recordings you want to merge, go to add them from File > Open Append > To Current. It is very easy to follow from here.

Editing audio tracks before merging

Sometimes you may need to edit the audio tracks before combing them together into one single track. Audition provides all the tools you may want. For example, you can add fade in to the first audio clip, add fade out to the last audio track, adjust the amplitude using the Waveform Editor in Adobe Audition, etc. We can’t cover all these issues in the same post though. You can explore these fancy features of Audition by yourself and get back to us if encountered any problems in editing and merging music, mp3, audio tracks, sound recordings using this tool.

If you ran into any problem with the audio clips consolidation, feel free to leave a message in the comment section below.