How to combine videos on Mac?

If you have a series of TV shows or funny videos that you want to merge into one, how can you make it? How can I combine all of those short videos to make one long video? It would be simple if you have the right video software. In this quick guide, we will show you how to merge multiple videos, combine short video clips together using several popular media tools on Mac.

Method 1. Combine multiple videos in QuickTime Player

We can’t discuss video editing or playback on Mac without mentioning the QuickTime Player which is the default video player on Mac. We can not only play all kinds of media files with it, but also edit a wide range of video and audio files using this pre-installed app on Mac.

Open a video in QuickTime Player, then click Edit menu and choose Add Clip to End…, then choose the second video and insert it after the first video clip in the QuickTime Player.

Merge videos in QuickTime Player - add clip to end

The player control bar will now turn into a container box where the video thumbnails are placed. You can drag the video thumbnails to re-order them.

To merge multiple video files and save them to your Mac as one video file, click File menu, choose Export As, select target video resolution, 480p, 720p, 1080p or 4K, name the video file, choose a different directory to save it if like, finally click the Save button to complete.

Method 2. Merge multiple videos using Avidemux on Mac

Avidemux is a free, open source cross-platform video editor for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and BSD. It is designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. Unlike many video editors, Avidemux has quite a simple interface and suitable for simple edits. 

There are basically four steps to combine two or more video clips into one using this free video editor on Mac. Run Avidemux on your Mac, click File from the top menu bar, then click Open to browse to your Mac to find and import the first video clip to the editor. Secondly, click File > Append… to add the second video to the editor, repeat the steps to add the third and more videos if any.

Merge multiple videos using Avidemux on Mac

Once you have added all video clips to the program, choose an output format and optionally customize the video/audio output from the left panel of Avidemux.

Finally go to File > Save from the top menu bar, then select output folder, file name and save all video clips as one file to your Mac.