Combine voice memos on Mac

Have completed a series of recordings and want to combine them into one? If you’re trying to merge voice memos and sound recordings to make it easier to archive or send to others over the internet, this guide is just for you. We will use a MacBook Pro which is running on the Mac Mojave to show you how to edit voice recordings and merge them using iMovie on Mac. Both Voice Memos and iMovie are system apps in Mac Mojave, so no extra app or installation required.

Export voice memos to Mac

Open Voice Memos from your Dock, Applications folder or the Launchpad. Recorded voice memos will be listed at the left panel. If not yet, you can refer to this guide to record voice memos and sounds on Mac. To export any sound recording files from the Voice Memos app to your Mac, you can simply drag them from the list to your desktop or any other folder in Finder.

voice memos app mac

Combine voice memos on Mac with iMovie

Open iMovie from your Dock, Applications folder or the Launchpad. Drag the voice memos from your desktop or any other folder in Finder where they are saved, drop them to the timeline of iMovie app. You will then see the waveform in the timeline. Drag and drop a voice recording in the timeline to reposition it. Once they are arranged in the order you desire, go to save the voice memo as a new audio file from File > Share > File; choose an output format, AAC, MP3, AIFF, WAV; choose a different file name and location if need before you save it.

Export and merge iPhone voice memos

If your Mac is also singed into the same iCloud account with your iPhone, you will find all iPhone voice memos are automatically synced to Mac. So you can directly transfer iPhone voice memos to Mac just like how we exported those locally saved voice memos on Mac. 

After that you can import them from Mac to iMovie and join them together into one file.