Compress PDF files on computer

In earlier posts, we discussed how to convert multiple images into one PDF file so you can easily send and share the images files. Mac users can make use of the Preview app to merge multiple pictures to PDF on Mac without third-party PDF tools. On Windows PC, we can use the Microsoft Print to PDF feature to combine several photos to one PDF on PC.

Sometimes however you may find the PDF file is too big to be sent via email, can’t upload to your website due to large file size, can’t publish to your social network due to the maximum file size limit. In these circumstances, you need to further reduce file size and compress the images and data in the PDF file. Here we’d like to share with you an easy way to achieve that. You will learn how to compress PDF files and reduce file size on PC and Mac using PDF Element, the easy-to-use and yet powerful PDF reader, editor, converter. You can download the PDF editor from this link.

Launch it on your PC or Mac. In this demo, we use its Windows version on a Windows 10 PC. If you are on Mac, you may see some difference. Click Edit PDF from its home page, then select the PDF file you like to compress and open it in the PDF editor software.
pdf element editor pro for windows home

Click File from the top menu bar, the side menu opens on the right. Select Optimize, then choose one of the compression methods as shown in below screenshot.

optimize, compress pdf using pdfelement on windows pc

  1. Web ready (smaller file size) – Lossy compression, image resampling to 150dpi;
  2. Office ready (medium file size) – Lossy compression, image resampling to 300dpi;
  3. Print ready (larger file size) – Lossy compression, image resampling to 600dpi;
  4. Custom – Customize compression settings.

Advanced users can customize the compression settings.

pdf custom compression pdfelement windows

Click Optimize button, choose a file name and location, compress and export the PDF file to your computer hard drive.