How to compress videos on Mac?

When you want to upload a video onto the internet, you may need to compress it if it is too large to be uploaded fast. When there are lots of videos on Mac, you may need to compress them to save storage space. When you want to import a TV series to your smart phones, you would surely want to compress them so that you can save as many videos files on the phone as you can. How to compress videos on your Mac then? Check out this guide to compress videos on PC. Video compression on Mac involves a similar procedure.

There are many video compressors you can use to compress some videos. For example, you can use Finder, Quick Time Player to compress .MOV files on your Mac and then export them to your iPhone. But neither Finder nor Quick Time player works for compressing videos in most other popular formats that they don’t support. Thus, you may wonder how to compress videos in all kinds of formats on your Mac. One of the tool that we can use is Video Converter Ultimate for Mac.

By using this app, there are different methods to compress videos on Mac. This app supports compressing videos from its original format to other formats or encode the video with optimized video and audio codec thus get smaller file size. It also supports users to change video codec, resolution, frame rate, video bit rate, audio codec, channel, sample rate, and audio bit rate thus you will get compressed video with smaller size. Let’s go through below two parts and the steps to see how to use this Video Converter Ultimate for Mac to compress videos.

Part I. Compress videos with the Video Compressor

Open the Launchpad on your Mac and start the Video Converter app. Switch from the Convert tab to the Toolbox, you will see a screen like this.

video converter Mac toolbox

You can find various useful media tools in the Toolbox, such as Media Metadata Fix, Video Compressor, Mac to TV Cast, Mac screen recorder, GIF Maker, DVD Copy, etc. Click Compress Video, add the source video files to the Compressor.

compress video Mac video converter

To reduce down video file size using the Compressor is very easy and intuitive. You can simply drag the File Size bar to a smaller value to set the compression rate and leave other options unchanged. You can also manually choose a different file format, video resolution, to fit your target device, like your mobile phone, tablet, on which you like to play the video.

Part II Apply video profile to compress

The Video Converter has many built-in presets or video profiles for various devices, such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei, HTC, Google, Sony, TV, etc. You can choose a optimized video profile for the specific device you like to play the video on.

video converter Mac convert select device

For instance, you can follow this guide to convert videos to iPhone format. It will not only encode the video with iPhone friendly codec, but also optimize the video quality, resolution, bitrate and other aspects of the video accordingly.

Manually edit video parameters

Advanced users can customize the videos manually, including setting parameter for video codec, resolution, frame rate, video bit rate, audio codec, channel, sample rate, and audio bit rate. To do that, apply a preset video profile first, then click the Edit icon to change the video parameters, save it as a custom profile. After that you can quickly apply the profile to edit, convert, compress videos.

video converter Mac convert select video format

With this VCU, you will be happy to find that the videos format conversion and video compression are pieces of cake to you finally. By compressing videos to smaller files, they become much easier to upload to web, transfer and share with people, you can even compress videos and send through emails if like. You can enjoy the fun with all kinds of videos and the ease of video sharing now.

Update Apr 2019: this article was originally published in Jan 2016 and has since been updated. in this update, we replaced the old screenshots, added the new video compressor tool which was added to the Toolbox of the Video Converter program.