A free way to compress videos on Mac

Optimage for Mac is a simple yet powerful image and video optimization tool that provides the highest compression ratio at consistent visual quality. Except compressing photos, and PDF documents, it can also help us reduce video file size on Mac easily. It comes with a free version as well which allows users to compress up to 24 files per day without any limitation or fee. For casual users, we can use it to compress photos, videos and PDF files from time to time without going for the premium version.

In an earlier post, we demonstrated how to compress videos on Mac using a professional video editor. In fact, if you only need to use it occasionally, we can simply download and use the free version of Optimage instead. Here’s how to use it to compress a video on Mac.

Run the video compression app on your Mac. Find the source video(s) you like to compress in Finder. Duplicate the videos first. The video compressor will overwrite the source video, thus we recommend you back up the original video and compress its copy instead. To compress a video is simple. Just drag the video file, MOV, MP4 or other files, from Finder to the video compressor app. Wait until it finishes.

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