Use computers to send and receive messages

A little-known fact is that we can use both our mobile phones and computers to send and receive messages and attachments. Remember the old times when we use MSN, ICQ to chat with our family and friends on PC only?

With the development of mobile and cloud computing technology, we can now do most PC things using smartphones in our pocket. The smartphone apps look and act just like they would on a typical PC nowadays. In fact, people spend more and more time on their cell phones than computers now. Our mobile phones can give us PC-like experience plus the mobility and freedom other than being cooped up, tethered to an office or a desktop computer. Now you can browse the web, watch movies, listen to music, read books, go shopping, send and receive money, chat with family and friends and many more, all on your mobile phone. Things have changed. Now many people know who to do these things on a phone, but not a computer. As we have mentioned at the first beginning of this article, most people only know how to send and receive text messages on their mobile phones using the default messaging apps or instant messengers other than sending and receiving messages on their computers. Today we will show you how to send and receive messages on computers using the SMS messaging app, two of the most popular chat apps, WhatsApp and WeChat.

Send and receive text messages on PC

If you are working with a computer in the office and chatting with someone on the phone via back and forth SMS texts, you may want to know whether you can also send and receive texts on computer so you do not have to switch between the two devices frequently. When you need to chat with several contacts on the phone at the same time and want to know how to type and chat more effectively, you may want to know whether this job can be done with a physical keyboard and much bigger computer screen. To do this all you need to do is to install a professionally designed application on your computer and connect up your phone to computer, you will then be able to send and receive text messages on computers other than mobile phones.

send sms messages from computer using mobilego

Send and receive WhatsApp messages on computer

There are mainly two ways you can log in your WhatsApp account on a computer to chat with your WhatsApp contacts or contacts groups from a PC or Mac. You can download WhatsApp for Windows PC or Mac on to your laptop or desktop from this link. You can also visit WhatsApp for web through this URL, then run WhatsApp on your phone, find WhatsApp Web on the phone, and use it to scan the QR code displays in the WhatsApp for web page, you will then be logged in WhatsApp account on computer. You can start your conversations, use WhatsApp to send and receive messages on computer instead of your Android phone, iPhone or else. See how you can access WhatsApp web on the phone below.

  • To access WhatsApp Web on Android phone: open WhatsApp >> Menu >> WhatsApp Web;
  • To access WhatsApp Web on iPhone: open WhatsApp >> Settings >> WhatsApp Web.

whatsapp web on computer

Send and receive WeChat messages on computer

WeChat is another very popular instant messenger. It also has both a web version and desktop version for those who like to chat using a PC or Mac other than their smartphones. To download WeChat for Windows PC or Mac, you can go to this link. Dowload and install WeChat on your computer, you can then chat with your friends, send and receive messages through WeChat on your laptop or desktop computer. For those who don’t want to install WeChat application on the computer, WeChat for web is the perfect solution. You can get started from this page. Again you will need to run WeChat on mobile and use it to scan QR code provided by WeChat for web to log on WeChat from the web and start chating on your computer web browser. Messages and files sent and received in WeChat for web on your computer can be accessible on your mobile phone at the same time. To scan QR code via WeChat, you can refer to following guide to use WeChat to scan QR code on Android phone, or this tutorial to scan QR code on iPhone via WeChat.

use wechat for web on computer

WhatsApp for web and WeChat for web can also be used to send or transfer data between your phone and computer over Wi-Fi. Simply send yourself the file or data from computer, you can receive them on the phone. A very practical bonus tips for smartphone users. For example, you can back up WeChat messages to computer via WeChat for web.

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