Connect to FTP server from Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest does not directly support FTP functionality natively. This means that you cannot directly access FTP server on Oculus Quest, at least not through the device’s standard user interface or official applications pre-loaded.

While the Oculus Quest itself does not have built-in FTP capabilities, you can explore third-party apps or sideloaded solutions that allow for FTP connections on the device. CX File Explorer is a third-party file manager app that works well on Oculus Quest.

About CX File Explorer

CX File Explorer allows you to manage your files and storage on your mobile device, PC, and cloud storages. It has a clean and intuitive interface, and provides features such as moving, copying, compressing, renaming, extracting, deleting, creating, and sharing files and folders. You can browse through your files, transfer them between folders, and even access files on remote servers using protocols like FTP.

Connect FTP server from Oculus Quest

First of all, install the free file explorer app onto your VR headset. You can use SideQuest or other similar tools to install an Android app to Oculus Quest. After installing the app on the VR headset, you will see its home screen like this.

cx file explorer local oculus quest 2

Switch from the LOCAL to NETWORK tab where you can find the following options: Access from network, New location. Choose New location. Switch from CLOUD to REMOTE, we can then see a screen like this.

Oculus Quest CX File Explorer connect network devices, remote servers

Here we can connect to other devices in the local network, connect to SMB server, FTP server, SFTP or WebDAV file servers from the Oculus Quest. Choose FTP, then input the FTP server host IP, port, username and password.

oculus quest 2 cx file explorer connect FTP server

Fill in all the required info, then click OK button. You can then access all files and folders saved on the FTP server from the CX file explorer app on your Oculus Quest.

Use CX file explorer on Oculus Quest to access all files and folders saved on the Android phone

FTP transfer alternatives

  1. Transfer your files to cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. Once uploaded, use applications on your Oculus Quest that support these services to access and share your files. While this method doesn’t directly connect to an FTP server, it accomplishes similar file access and sharing functions.
  2. Link your Oculus Quest to your PC and employ an FTP client on the PC to access the server. From there, transfer the necessary files to a location accessible by your Oculus Quest.

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