Connect to server through FTP from Samsung mobile phone

Speaking of FTP, many people may think about using a FTP client on desktop computer to connect to web server and then upload files from computer to server or download files from server to computer through FTP. In fact, you can also do it on your mobile phone. Samsung is one of the mobile phone makers that have already built-in the FTP server support as one of the system tools on Samsung Galaxy phones. In this guide, we will be using Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime in the demo to show you how to connect to server through FTP on Samsung mobile, and how you can upload or download files through FTP on Samsung mobile phone without any third party apps? Before we proceed to add FTP server and connect to server from Samsung mobile, make sure to create a FTP account on your FTP server in advance. See more details from this guide to create FTP account in cPanel if you are on a cPanel hosting server or if you want to get a FTP server.

A FTP server is great to backup data from mobile phones or computer to the cloud server. It is very convenient to share files and documents for family, friends or team members. You can upload files from phone or computer to a FTP server so anyone has the FTP account can download them anytime from the FTP server.

How to setup FTP server on Samsung mobile phone?

Run My Files on Samsung mobile phone. It is the stock file manager for Samsung galaxy phones. Tap on the three dots icon at the top right corner to display the drop-down menu, see below screenshot.
add ftp server in my files on samsung mobile phoneChoose Add FTP Server item from above menu, you will open the FTP server setup screen. Note that some old Samsung mobile phone models may not have the this FTP server feature. If so, you will need to use a third party file manager, such as ES file manager, or you may download a professional FTP client app from Google Play Store.
setup ftp server on samsung mobile phone

You can set up FTP server on Samsung mobile phones follow these tips:

  • FTP Server: it could be the server IP address, your domain name or sub-domain name. If you are using a cPanel web hosting, you can refer to this guide to find your server IP address in cPanel.
  • FTP Port: 21 is the default port number for FTP transfer.
  • FTP Mode: use passive by default.
  • FTP Username: it is the FTP account username, if you are using cPanel hosting, make sure to include your domain name in the full FTP username ID, such as For more details you can scroll up to the first paragraph and refer to the linked guide to create FTP account in cPanel.
  • FTP Password: the FTP account log in password.
  • Anonymous FTP: only enable this option when you have created an anonymous FTP account.
  • Encoding: leave it to the default UTF-8.

When you have finished the FTP server settings as described above, tap on the Done button to create FTP server connection on your Samsung mobile.

How to connect to FTP server on Samsung mobile phones?

Now, run My Files on Samsung mobile phone, scroll down to the bottom section, you can find Cloud Storage >> FTP servers.
connect to ftp server from my files cloud storage on samsung mobile phone
Touch the FTP server name to connect to FTP server and you will see all files from your FTP account on Samsung mobile.

How to upload and download files between server and Samsung mobile phone through FTP?

You can directly download and upload files between web server and Samsung phone in My Files app. When you connect Samsung phone to FTP server, browse to any folder on the server, then tap on it to download files from server to Samsung phone through FTP. You will then have the option to choose appropriate app on the phone to save, open or edit the file right on your phone. We are download image files from server to Samsung mobile via FTP as shown in below figure.
download files from ftp server to samsung mobile phone
You can also upload files from Samsung mobile phone to server via FTP using My Files app. Browse to any folder on your Samsung Galaxy phone, select the file(s), then copy, after that browse to the FTP server, select a directory on the server and paste files there. This will upload files from Samsung to FTP server. You can also create a new folder on FTP server and upload files from Samsung to the new folder, see steps as highlighted in below figure.
upload files from samsung mobile phone to FTP server
Alright, that’s all the basics you need to know about adding FTP server to mobile phone, connect to FTP server from mobile phone, upload and download files between FTP server and Samsung phones without any third party apps. If your FTP server address is blocked or not reachable somehow, you can connect your mobile phone to a VPN network first, this will help you access blocked sites or servers. You can refer to this tutorial to set up VPN network on Samsung mobile phone here.

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