Connecting Android phone to the backup tool on PC

Android backup and restore provides us an easy way to backup important files and data from mobile phone to computer. Your mobile phone needs to be connected to the PC via USB for the data backup and restore. Have trouble connecting phone to the Android backup tool on PC? Here are the fixes.

Method 1. enable USB debugging on your Android device

There are lots of hidden features for advanced users in Android. Many of them are hidden in the Developer options menu in Android settings. The USB debugging is frequently used by developers to push apps to their devices to test. See this tutorial to enable Developer Options on Xiaomi & Redmi phones.

android usb debugging

The ways to enable USB debugging on Android devices vary from one Android version or phone model to another. We have this issue covered in this guide on enabling USB debugging in Android.

Method 2. install connector app on Android phone

Alternatively you can also choose to manually install the daemon app on your mobile phone. On your PC, open the installation folder of the mobile phone toolkit in File Explorer. Browse to /Resources/Drivers folder, you should find an apk file named MGDaemon.apk. Send this file to your Android phone and install it.