Total Control allows you to control phones from PC

Looking for a way to configure your computer to be able to control your smart phone? Occasionally we need to control our mobile phones from a computer. For example, the phone screens are broken, touch screens become unresponsive, you need to type a lot, you want to watch something in bigger screen, etc. Total Control lets you control your Android phone from PC easily. As you would expect, the USB debugging option needs to be enabled in order to grant the phone control software the access to your Android device. Total Control enables the full control over Android powered phones and tablets on your desktop. It mirrors your phone’s screen on your desktop or laptop computer and enables you to control the mobile device with mouse clicks or swipes, keyboard and shortcuts.

mirror android phone screen to pc using total control

Total Control is available in both free and paid versions. The free version is simplified, ideal for personal use. Unlike other phone control apps, this one is ads free. You will not be bothered with ads. You are not limited to wired connections. Even the free version supports wireless connection over Wi-Fi network.

The setup of Total Control is easy. Just install and run the PC client on your computer, then enable USB debugging on the Android device and connect it to computer via USB, Total Control for Android app will be pushed to your phone or tablet. After that your phone’s screen will be mirrored to your computer and you can control your phone from computer via mouse, keyboard, play mobile games and videos on PC, control multiple phones and tablets on PC and many more.

Control Phone from PC when phone screen is broken?

When your phone screen is broken or becomes unresponsive, this free phone control app allows you to use the PC as the phone screen so you can still export data from phone to computer, send files from PC to phone or else. Note that the USB debugging on the Android device must be enabled already.