Make your own 3D videos from 2D ones in 3 easy steps

Do you like watching a 3D movie in big theater? If you are also a 3D movie fan like me, you may want to know how the 3D movies are created and whether it’s possible or not to create your own 3D videos. To make 3D movies, you can either use a professional 3D camera or recorders to record 3D movies or edit regular 2D movies and add the 3D illusion or effect to them. If you don’t have a 3D camera, you can also use two cameras instead, preferably two identical cameras. Mount the two cameras side by side,parallel to each other, just like your left and right eyes. Take movies using both cameras at the same time. After that compile the footage into a 3D movie using a video editor. Finaly use your 3D glasses to test it out. Your eyes can’t perceived the 3D effect without special glasses.

A professional 3D camera is usually very expensive and it is not easy to acquire two cameras that are identical in construction and it is more difficult to tint the footage, overlay two videos with an offset and compile them into one video. The easiest way would be converting 2D movies to the 3D ones using an easy-to-use video editor designed for beginners. Video Converter Ultimate is such a video editor and converter. We have used this tool in several earlier posts. For instance it can convert DJI Phantom 4K videos, compress 4K videos, convert videos to LG TV, edit videos for playback on Sony PS, convert videos to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch format, and so on. With merely three simple steps, you can also convert your 2D videos to 3D videos, transform a video from one format or codec to another.

Make 3D movies in 3 steps

The media editor comes with both a free trial version and a full version for both Windows and Mac OS users. You can get the free version on to your computer below and test it out by yourself.

Step 1. Add 2D videos

Find the regular videos you saved on your computer, drag and drop it from its folder to the video converter or click the Add Files button at the top to load source 2D video into the movie editor tool. Try to find and add action videos for the best outcome.

convert 3d mp4 movies using video converter on computer

Step 2. Choose 3D video format

Go to the right Output Format section to choose your target video format, click Format >> 3D, then select 3D MP4 Anaglyph, 3D MP4 Stereo, 3D AVI Anaglyph, 3D AVI Stereo, 3D MOV Anaglyph, 3D MOV Stereo, 3D WMV Anaglyph, 3D WMV Stereo, 3D MKV Anaglyph or 3D MKV Stereo. If you like to share 3D videos on YouTube, you can also choose a video format customized for sharing on YouTube 3D Channel within this video converter tool.

select 3d movie formats in video converter

Currently the media editor supports three 3D movie effects or output formats, Anaglyph 3D, Side by Side 3D, and Top and Bottom 3D.

  • Anaglyph 3D movie: anaglyph image, use red–cyan filter to create 3D video for playback on almost all devices.
  • Stereo 3D movie: Side by Side 3D and Top and Bottom 3D, for playback on 3D-capable devices, such as a 3D TV, 3D computer monitor.

Click Video Mode in the media file list to open the Settings dialogue where you can choose 3D 180 degree top/bottom, 3D 360 degree top/bottom, 3D 180 degree left/right, 3D 360 degree left/right.
3d stereo movie settings - 180 or 360 degrees, top bottom 3d, left right 3d

Step 3. Convert 2D movies to 3D

Hit the Convert button at the bottom right corner to transform regular 2D videos to 3D videos. Once the media editor tool has finished the conversion, open the output folder to find the created 3D movies.

Testing out 3D movies

If you have a 3D-enabled TV, get your 3D video from computer to TV, play the 3D movie on TV and configure the settings to turn on 3D effect and choose Side by Side 3D or Top and Bottom 3D mode. You can also play the 3D video on computer while connecting your computer to 3D TV with an HDMI cable. If your computer screen is 3D-capable, you can also watch 3D movies on computer directly. Do not forget to wear your 3D glasses when watching a 3D movie.

If you do not have a 3D-enabled TV or device, make sure to convert 2D videos to anaglyph 3D, it can only create a mild 3D effect, but allows you to play the anaglyph 3D movie on your 2D monitor and watch it with a pair of low-cost red–cyan glasses.