4 Quick ways to convert black and white images on Mac

So you want to convert color images to black and white? You may like to make aged photos from your color pictures or create black and white designs. How do you remove color from image and only keep black and white? In this article, we’re going to share with you 4 quick ways to convert pictures to black and white on Mac without using third-party photo editors or apps. If you need to make videos black and white, you can use iMovie to convert videos to black and white on Mac.

Backup your photos first:
Before you make any change to your photos, create a copy of them first. Find the picture you like to edit in Finder, duplicate the picture if you want to keep the original copy.

Method 1. Convert images to black and white in Preview

Preview is a built-in app in Mac OS. It is the default app on Mac to open and view image files, such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, etc. Double click to open the photo in Preview app.

On the top menu bar, select Tools > Adjust Color…. In the pop-up window, find and slide the Saturation all the way to the left to remove all color from the picture and turn it into B&W.

de-saturate to convert black white images in preview app on mac

Optionally you can fine tune the effect by adjusting Exposure, Contrast and other settings. Finally go to save the change or export the black and white image from Preview app.

Method 2. De-saturate photos in Photos app for Mac

You can also adjust saturation levels to get black and white effect in the Photos app which is another useful built-in app with Mac OS.

Photos is not the default app for open pictures on Mac. So right click on the picture, select Open With, choose Photos. Then import the photo into Photos app. Double click to open the picture in Photos, click Edit button at the top right corner.

Click to select Color. Likewise, drag the Saturation slider way to the left to turn your photo into black and white.

Method 3. Create Black and white images in Photos (Mac)

Other than adjusting color of image to de-saturate image and thus get the B&W images. Photos app on Mac has the Black & White option you can adjust to create B&W photos.
convert black white pictures in photos app on mac

Method 4. Convert photos to black and white using filters in Photos (Mac)

Filters is one of the most effective way to edit photos. The stock Photos app on Mac comes with various filters you can quickly pick up and apply. Switch from Adjust to the Filters tab in Photos, select Mono, Noir or Silvertone to easily turn your color photos into black and white on Mac.

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