Convert Contacts to VCF, vCard, CSV, Spb, Spba format using Kies

Samsung offers Kies as the free smartphone management software for free. You can use it to backup and restore data on your Samsung mobile phone. We are not going to talk about its backup features as most Samsung users should have already know. Instead we will explore more useful features of Kies that greatly expand its possibilities. For example if you are an iOS or Mac OSX user as well, you may have saved many music in iTunes. In such case you can copy or transfer iTunes music or playlist to Samsung Kies; when you want to switch phone from Samsung to other phones, you can restore Samsung Kies backup file to iPhone or other phones; Kies offers many practical media management functions, music fans can add lyrics to songs through Samsung Kies. In this article, we will share with you just another hidden feature of Kies, converting name card files or contacts to VCF, vCard, CSV, Spb, Spba format using Kies.

How to Convert Contacts to VCF, vCard, CSV, Spb, Spba format using Kies?

Samsung Kies comes with both Windows and Mac OSX versions. You can download it for free here. There are mainly two steps to convert a contact file from one format to another, including VCF, vcard, CSV, SPB, SPBA formats. Run Kies on your computer. We are using Kies for PC in this demo, if you are using Kies for Mac, you may see it differ in appearance. The first step is to add the source contact file or name card file from your computer to the Samsung Kies software. Run Kies, then click Contacts from the Library on the left panel. You can open the contacts saved by Kies (spb, spba file formats), CSV contacts, and vCard contacts using Kies. At the lower section of Kies, you can also find recently saved contact file.

open contact file in Samsung kies

The second step is to choose an output contact file format, spb, spba, CSV, VCF, and then select a target folder to save the contact file in new format. Click Save as button from the top section of Kies, you will get a pop-up dialogue where you can select output format and folder, and then convert contact file to any selected format.

convert contact file to vcf, vcard, csv, spb, or spba format using kies

You can also use Kies to restore contacts in SPB, SPBA, CSV, VCF format to Samsung mobile phones. See this tutorial to restore contacts to Samsung mobile phone through Kies. If the contact file is saved as vCard file, you can actually transfer VCF contacts to Samsung and Android phones through email. Basically you can send yourself an email with the vCard file as attachment, you send it from your computer through email, then download it from email to your smartphone and import the contacts directly to your contact app or address book on mobile phones.

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