Convert EPUB to PDF for free on Mac

Own a EPUB book but want to open, edit or annotate it with your PDF reader? You can convert ePub to PDF format. There are different ways and converters can help you with that. Calibre is one of the best free ePub to PDF converters and ebook converter programs you can choose.

About the free ebook converter

Calibre is a cross-platform open-source e-book software suite. It supports e-books readings, organizing, displaying, editing, creating and converting, as well as syncing e-books with a variety of e-readers. Find more features and download the free ebook converter software here.

calibre ebook converter for mac
calibre ebook converter for mac

Convert EPUB to PDF on Mac

Calibre can run on multiple platforms, Windows, Mac and Linux. In this quick guide, we will use its Mac version in the demo to show you how it can easily and quickly convert EPUB books to PDF file format.

Download and install the ebook converter on your Mac. Launch it, you will see its main interface as shown in above screenshot. Click Add Books button at the top left corner to browse to the EPUB books saved on your Mac and load them into the converter. Then hit Convert Books from the top toolbar, a new window pops up as below.

On this Convert screen, the Metadata tab opens automatically. Here you can edit the book cover image, title, author, sort, publisher, tags, series and so on. You can also switch to other tabs for further customization of your new book. To convert EPUB to PDF, simply choose PDF from the Output format box at the top right corner. Then hit OK button at the bottom right corner. Wait for a while when the ebook conversion is in process. After that, you can find the new book file from Finder > Documents > calibre books.

Bulk convert EPUB to PDF

Bulk conversion is also supported. Just add all EPUB files to the free ebook converter program. Then select all of them in the book list in the converter and hit the Convert Books button to batch convert multiple EPUB books to PDF or other formats. It is straightforward and fast.

Send books from computer to Android & iOS

Calibre has the built-in transfer tool called Content Server which we can use to easily send converted books from our computer to Android, iOS or other mobile devices. See how to transfer Calibre books to iPhone iPad here. If you need to import them to your iPhone or iPad, you can also make use of AirDrop.

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