Convert HTC voice recordings to MP3

HTC smart phones save your voice recording files in AAC format and there is no option to change the output audio format in the stock Voice Recorder. If you want to transfer the voice recordings to other devices and players that do not support aac audios, you need to convert the voice recorded files (.acc) to MP3 or other compatible format.

AAC file is not even close to being as popular as MP3 as of now. Apple makes use of this format across all their popular services and devices, iTunes, iTunes Store, Mac and iOS devices.MP3 is still one of the most widely used file formats in the world. We have several earlier posts talked about how you can convert other audios to MP3. For example, you can convert Samsung phone voice recordings to MP3 in easy steps using a specialized media converter; you can convert iPhone voice memos to MP3, etc.

Note that we use an HTC One smartphone in this demo, screens and settings may different across various phone models.

Step 1. move contents from HTC phone to your PC

Run the Voice Recorder app on the phone, from the home screen of the voice recorder, tap on the < icon at the top left corner to show the list of all existing voice recording files. Long press on the voice recording file you like to convert, then select Share from the pop-up menu. A Share via menu will be displayed at your phone screen bottom. You can select Mail, Bluetooth or your preferred method to send the voice recording file from HTC phone to computer.

Step 2. Convert voice recording files to MP3

There are a lot of software tools can help you transcode audio files. Double check your music player, media player, audio editor, media converter if any. For example, iPhone users can use iTunes to convert AAC to MP3. HTC users can make use of a third party media converter to do the job. We recommend Video Converter Ultimate which is able to convert all kinds of videos and audios. You can download its free version below.

convert aac to mp3 on pc using video converter ultimate

Run the media converter, click Add Files, then select and open the voice recording file. Now we need to specify the file extension or format as MP3. In the Output Format column, click Format >> Audio >> MP3. Finally hit the Convert button to save aac as mp3. The created mp3 file will be saved to the output folder of the media converter. Find this file in your computer hard drive, you can then play it using your audio or music player to transfer it to any other devices from there.