Convert image to PDF on Huawei phone

Do you want to convert photos, picture to PDF on the phone? Sometimes you may need to convert images to PDF so you can easily print them out, send them via email, reduce file size, open and manage them with your favorite PDF app, share them on social networks. On Android powered Huawei mobile phones, we found two easy and free ways to achieve that. Check out the quick steps below.

Converting photos to PDF on Huawei phone – Method 1

Open the stock Gallery app on your Huawei device. Open the image or photo you like to edit. Tap on the More button at the bottom right to expand the menu list from which you can find the Print or export to PDF item. Choose it from the list, tap on Select printer from the top left corner, choose Save as PDF from the drop-down list. Optionally customize the paper size and orientation. Touch Save button, then choose a location and file name, finally tap on Save button to save the image file to your phone as PDF document. 

print export photo as PDF on Huawei mobile phone

Converting photos to PDF on Huawei phone – Method 2

Android powered Huawei phones come with several stock apps from Google, such as Gmail, Maps, Youtube, Play Music, Duo, Play Movies & TV. One of these apps I use a lot is the Photos app. It is a great alternative to the Gallery app on Huawei phone. You can also use it to access, manage and edit photos on your mobile phone.

Find the image, picture, photo, screenshot on your Huawei phone in the Photos app. Tap to enlarge it. Touch the Menu button (three dots at the top right corner), and choose Print from the drop-down menu.

google photos print image to PDF on Huawei mobile phone

If no printer was connected, the Save as PDF will be selected automatically. You can edit the paper size, orientation if like. Tap on the Save button, then choose folder and file name before you save the image file to your Huawei mobile in PDF file format.

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