Convert images to GIF

Animated GIFs are widely used on websites, emails, online chats, digital postcards, presentations. Video Converter is a professional media converter software to transcode videos and audios for Windows and Mac OS users. In an earlier guide, we used it to export still pictures from videos. Today, we will show you how to make GIF files with static images, pictures, photos in JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP formats using Video Converter on PC or Mac computer.

Prepare source image files

Put together all the images you like to include in the animated GIF file. Optionally edit them to the same resolution or aspect ratio for the best result using an image editor.

Converting images to GIF

Run the Video converter, switch to the Toolbox tab from the top menu. Find and click to open the GIF Maker. The Video to GIF tab opens by default. You can find out more details from this guide to convert videos to animated GIF files on computer. In this guide, we are going to convert photos to GIF, we need to click the Photos to GIF. See below screenshot.

photos to gif maker - video converter windows

To create GIF file using this GIF maker is very straightforward.

  • Step 1. Add images
  • Click the Add Files button to pick up source image files and load them into the GIF maker. Currently JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP are supported.

  • Step 2. Change order of images – optional
  • If the photos are not in the right sequence, drag and drop their thumbnails to rearrange them.

  • Step 3. Customize GIF
  • Adjust GIF size, width and height. Set animation speed by adjusting the frame rate.

  • Step 4. change output folder – optional
  • In the Save to field, you can find the current output to save the generated GIFs. You can also alter the location to anywhere else on your computer.

  • Step 5. Creating GIF
  • Finally hit the Create GIF button to begin converting the added pictures into one GIF file.

Make GIF animations on mobile phone

If the photos are saved on your mobile, you can also make GIF animations on the phone. In a related article, we used a GIF maker app to create animated GIF on Android phone. Except the Gif maker, there are many similar GIF maker apps in Google Play store. Do a search, you will find more.