Convert images to PDF using the Quick Actions on Mac

There are different ways you can convert pictures into PDF files on Mac or combine two or more image files to PDF. In an earlier article, we showed how you can make use of the Print to PDF tool to combine multiple photos into a single PDF in Preview on Mac.

Since Mac Mojave (Mac OS 10.14), we can find the Quick Actions feature in Finder. It works with images, documents, and other files. We can use it to quickly convert pictures into PDF on Mac right in the Finder without opening any other apps. There are several ways we can find the Create PDF tool in the Quick Actions menu in Finder on Mac.

Method 1. Convert image(s) to PDF from the Quick Actions menu

Locate and select the pictures in Finder. Right click on them, choose Quick Actions from the context menu, then select Create PDF from the sub-menu. A new PDF file will be created and saved in the same folder as the source image files. This is the easiest way you can create a PDF file from images on Mac.

convert images to pdf in finder via quick actions on mac

Method 2. Convert image to PDF in the columns view

Find the image in Finder, switch to the Columns view from the toolbar or from View menu > as Columns. Two tool buttons appear at the bottom of the right column, along with a More button. Click More button and choose Create PDF from the pop-up menu. You can convert one image to a PDF each time in the columns view.

Method 3. Convert image(s) to PDF in the gallery view

Find the image in Finder, switch to the Gallery view from the toolbar or from View menu > as Gallery. Click to select one image, then click More… > Create PDF from the bottom of the right column. If you select two or more images in the Gallery view, the Create PDF option appears at the the bottom of the right column so you can quickly combine multiple images to a PDF.

combine multiple images, pdf to a single pdf in finder gallery view on mac