Convert images to WebP on computer

WebP is a new image format for the web which provides superior lossless and lossy compression thus can reduces file size while maintaining similar or better image quality. Photoshop is my favorite image editor. However it can’t even open WebP photos, let alone converting other images to this new format for websites.

Today, we will use another free program to convert our images to WebP format on a Windows PC. Format Factory is a mult-functional media converter with the WebP image conversion support. We can import existing images to the editor, then export them as WebP photos easily, even in batch mode.

Download the free image converter program from previous linked page. Install it on your PC and run it. Click to open the Picture tab from its home screen, you will see a screen like this.

format factory for windows - image converter
format factory for windows – image converter

You can see the supported image formats on the left pane, including WebP, JPG, PNG, ICO, BMP, GIF, TIF, TGA. The right pane lists any existing jobs. Choose WebP from the left pane, you will open the WebP conversion in a new window.

add images to convert them to WebP format using format factory on windows computer

Click Add File or Add Folder button to select and import image files into the WebP converter. Optionally click Output Settings to change output image size and other aspects, choose a different output folder to save the new images on your computer. Click OK button to return to the main interface of the picture converter program.

convert images to WebP format using format factory on windows computer

Hit the Start button from the top toolbar to start converting the image files to WebP format. Once the converter completes all the tasks in its job queue, you will hear a sound and you can see its update at the Output/Convert State column. Open the output folder to find the new WebP images. This is how you can create webp images from existing pictures or photos on PC.

Converting WebP to JPG, PNG or else

Similarly, you can also choose another output format such as JPG, PNG in this image converter, then load WebP images to the program and convert the source WebP images to JPG, PNG or other specified format on your computer.

WebP images Converting alternatives for Windows and Mac

Except Format Factories, we have also other free programs can convert WebP images to a different format. If you are on Windows 10, you can follow these instructions to convert WebP to JPG, JPEG or PNG on PC using the Paint app, no third-party editors required. Mac users can download a free image processor, such as XnConvert, to view or convert WebP images. Check out this guide to open, view and convert WebP images on Mac for free.

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